What are the campus domain name servers (DNS)?

UNC Information Technology Services maintains two sets of DNS servers to support campus operations.

Recursive DNS – Campus Facing:

These servers are typically assigned to clients automatically at boot time, but some devices may have static configurations set by administrators.  Departments operating their own DNS services should be configured to forward DNS queries to these IP addresses.  Recursive services are provided to campus through Anycast DNS via an Infoblox architecture.  They leverage the MCNC DNS Security Filtering Service backed by Akamai.

IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Name 2610:28:3091::100 dns1.net.unc.edu 2610:28:3091::101 dns2.net.unc.edu


Authoritative DNS – Internet Facing:

These servers can be used to host domains for UNC related departments and organizations that comply with the necessary UNC policies and standards.  They host the primary “unc.edu” domain along with several other domains registered by campus groups.  They do not support recursive clients so should not be used in systems IP address configurations.

Name IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
ns.unc.edu 2610:28:3090:4::120
ns2.unc.edu 2610:28:3090:3::120


Legacy DNS – To Be Decommissioned:

Historically, several different servers have been used to provide DNS service to campus.  The underlying servers have since been retired, but their addresses have been preserved for an interim migration period.  Any use of these addresses is discouraged in favor of the standard addresses above.

IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Name Date 2610:28:3090:3005::10 dmanningdns.its.unc.edu June 21, 2019 at 6:00 AM 2610:28:3090:2003::10 dfranklindns.its.unc.edu June 21, 2019 at 6:00 AM 2610:28:3090:1004::10 ns3.oit.unc.edu June 2020 2610:28:3090:2005::10 orpheus.oit.unc.edu June 2020 2610:28:3090:3002::10 fasterpass.its.unc.edu June 2020


Approved Off Campus DNS Server Support:

For specific areas of the network (such as campus wireless), DNS traffic is blocked to all except a small number of off-campus DNS resources in order to prevent malicious redirection of network traffic.  These services are allowed, but the use of them could interfere with resolution of campus only domains.  Users are encouraged instead to use the standard recursive servers listed in the earlier section.

Service Primary Address Secondary Address
OpenDNS Home