What are the campus domain name servers (DNS)?

What are the campus domain name servers (DNS)?

Recursive DNS service – campus resolver

• anycast.unc.edu – and 2610:28:3091::100 (yes, you only need this single server in your resolver configuration)


Authoritative DNS service: Internet facing; use to register non-unc.edu domains:

• ns.unc.edu – and 2610:28:3090:4::120

• ns2.unc.edu – and 2610:28:3090:3::120

(Note: Please use the DNS name instead of the IP addresses whenever possible to reduce the need to update this reference)


Approved Off Campus DNS Server Support:

Note: If you choose to point to off-campus DNS servers, please be advised that for specific areas of the network (such as ResNET and campus wireless) DNS traffic is blocked to all except a small number of off-campus DNS resources in order to prevent malicious redirection of network traffic. The resources to which off-campus DNS queries are permitted are:, OpenDNS, OpenDNS, Level3, Level3, UltraDNS, Cisco, Google