The Campus Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers

What are the campus Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers?

NTP (Network Time Protocol) provides accurate and consistent time references to coordinate and synchronize internet systems
and communications. ITS now has local Stratum 1 time servers (,, and available for your
use, with more to come in the near future.

ITS Communication Technologies/Networking recommends using the NTP servers listed in the order given below as the reference clocks for your
system time server client configuration:

Clock Name             Clock IP                   Stratum                                     Use Group            Location          Stratum 1; GPS reference        Main Campus        Manning          Stratum 1; GPS reference        Main Campus        Franklin        Stratum 1; GPS reference        Med School           Brinkhaus


Alternate Configuration Considerations:

– you may alter the order of clocks in your particular NTP configuration based on choosing clocks closest to your fixed location and area of use (Main Campus, Med School).
all Mobile devices should use the order listed above, with  ‘’ as their primary NTP reference, unless directed to do otherwise.
– using the ‘Clock Name’ instead of the ‘Clock IP’ when possible will reduce the need to update to your NTP configuration if the hardware providing the NTP services above change in the future.


DNS Settings

Recommended settings for configuring DNS service for your client can be found here.


More Information

If you have any questions, please submit a Remedy Ticket or Online Help Request.