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See what all you can do with VoiceThread by viewing different kinds of VoiceThreads other users have created.
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This series of short videos demonstrates a set of emergency medical procedures to help students prepare for the National Registry Examination for EMT-Basic.


A student in a photography class leads us through his final class portfolio, explaining the decisions he made when selecting subjects and composing each photo.


This thread, created by an Art History instructor, first points out the linear composition of a painting using the “doodling” tool and voice commentary. Visitors to the thread also note compositional elements and make interpretive assertions about the work’s meanings.


Using several photographs of Spanish-speaking families, Spanish students assume the role of a person pictured, introduce themselves, and describe their relationships with other members of the family.


After taking some jabs at their fellow group mates in the first slide, these students analyze photographic evidence of habitat fragmentation. Note how “doodling” is used to focus the audience’s attention.


An American visitor to Kenya narrates dangerous days she and her son spent in Kenya following recent elections there. She follows the story of their escape with short biographies of their Kenyan friends, whose livelihoods now weigh in the balance.


A writing instructor provides a short lesson on voice. Her secondary students then offer feedback on classmates’ compositions. Note that while photographs of handwritten work are used here, document files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) can also be uploaded to a VoiceThread.

Show off

A single photograph provides a backdrop for a story told by an American college student studying in China about side trip to Nepal.

Have fun

Would you take advice about your love life from a pre-schooler? This entertaining thread uses careful comment moderation to arrange questions and answers in a topical sequence.


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