What is an email alias and how do I create one?

Email Aliasing: Email Addresses Made Easier

Email addresses can be difficult to remember, resulting in mistakes when people try to send you email. But good news! You can request an easy-to-remember nickname (alias) for your email address.

The alias consists of your first and last name separated by an underscore and followed by @unc.edu. For example, Jane Doe may have an email address doe@email.unc.edu. The alias for that address could be jane_doe@unc.edu. When messages are sent to the alias, they automatically go to your real email address. You can have up to a total of five (5) aliases. An alias can be paired with only one email address at a time. Your alias won’t change–just where your email is delivered. The best part¬† of this is, if you’re using an alias and you change your email address, you won’t have to notify any of your correspondents, change your letterhead, or change your business cards!

Things to Consider

All aliases must be unique. For example, three William Smiths can’t all use william_smith@unc.edu as their alias. Instead, one could use william_smith@unc.edu, another could use bill_smith@unc.edu, and the third could be will_smith@unc.edu. If the alias you’ve requested is already being used, you’ll get a message requesting you to choose another. Also, you are not allowed to create an alias and have it point to an off-campus address. For example, if you try to create the alias Hinton_James@unc.edu and point that to unc-chapel_hill@yahoo.com, you won’t be allowed to do so.

Create an Alias

To create an alias,  login to the Self Service Tool with your Onyen and password. Click the My Alias Tab, and then Add Alias to create your alias listing. Please follow the instructions on Email Self Service Tool document to create an Alias.

Note: You can have up to 5 aliases. If you reach this limit, you will be prompted with a red box on the email’s Self Service Tool. To create a new alias, you must either change an existing alias, or remove one, and then add the other alias.

Forgotten Your Alias?

If you forget your alias, login to the Self Service Tool with your Onyen and password. Click the My Alias Tab, and then Show Alias to review your alias listing. Please visit the Email Self Service Tool document for more information.

Alternatively, browse the Campus Directory Search page. Select Update Entry to the left and enter your Onyen and password when prompted. When you see the Campus Directory Update page, you will see your information listed there. In the Email: box, toward the upper-left, click the drop-down arrow to see all the aliases that are associated with you.