What University Guest Wi-Fi Network Should I Use?

Guest Wireless network access is specifically designed for visitors bringing their own device with 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) capability to connect from campus to the Internet. Guest access is granted short-term for individuals or groups with legitimate business or academic needs that are sponsored by a University department.

  • The Guest Wireless network provides internet connectivity for those individuals without an Onyen (authentication ID) and are attending a University-sponsored activity.
  • This access provides web, email, VPN access to off-campus destinations, and web only access to on-campus hosts. Once the user has accepted the terms and conditions for campus Guest Wireless Internet Access.

UNC-Guest SSID is not available on all wireless access points across the campus. Given the support issues associated with guest access as well as the fact that UNC-Chapel Hill network users that have an Onyen might accidentally connect to this service rather than to the production eduroam/UNC-PSK wireless network. The guest access mode will only be enabled on access points by departmental request via Remedy tickets. The ticket should indicate the location of one or more existing access points within a building on which this service is requested, as well as the contact information of the departmental IT support staff who will be available to provide assistance to guest users and to users who accidentally connect to UNC-Guest instead of eduroam at those locations.



eduroam Secure Guest Access

Is this network Secure and Encrypted, what is this used for?
Non-secure access for guest users. Secure access for guest users. Secure access for guest users.
I need access for Events or Conferences, which network should I use? Yes Yes No
I need access for Visiting Scholars or Single Use, which network should I use? No No Yes
Pervasive across campus wireless? No No Yes
Full network access? No No Yes
Do I have to register my computer to use this network? No No No
Requires client configuration? No Yes Yes
Requires prior client registration? No No Yes
How do I connect to this network? To access this wireless network, you will need to open your wireless connection settings, then connect to the UNC-Guest network and open your web browser to any URL. You will be redirected to the guest Terms and Conditions page; once you accept those terms, your web browser will then go directly to your originally specified destination.  This network requires a Pre-Shared key which can be found by going to the unc-guest-psk-ssid page.  Please contact the IT admin for assistance from the location list below.  Please visit eduroam-secure-guest-sponsorship-portal for more information.
To view a list of IT support staff by location and where Guest access is available please visit: What is the guest access vlan.


What is the guest access vlan. Available Across Campus via Enrollment Portal.