Residence Hall Pervasive Wireless Project

During the summer of 2013 a joint project between Information Technology Services, Department of Housing & Residential Education, the Residence Hall Association and ResNET began with the goal of providing 100% Wi-Fi coverage in all residence halls and apartments.  With any project of this scale there are many factors that impact our progress, all of which vary depending on the building style, construction, vacancy, resources, etc.

This project was completed, August 2014!

Policy Changes

Ethernet Policy:

As each residence hall receives 100% wireless coverage we will be moving from a “One Ethernet Port per Bed” policy to a “One Ethernet Port per Room” policy.  This change is due to the fact that we are re-purposing one port out of each suite/room to connect the new Wi-Fi Access Point and because we are replacing each of our Networking Switches, which are very expensive.  Many students rely solely on wireless, so the impact of this change should be minimal.  This is what you can expect based on your room occupancy type:

  • Single Room – One Active port
  • Double Room – One Active port
  • Triple Room – Two Active ports
  • Apartment – One port in the common/living area

Residents who would like additional Ethernet ports will need to purchase a networking hub or un-managed switch, which can split one port and provide 4+ connections.  These hubs can be purchased for as little as $8.

Router Policy:

Now that we have 100% wireless coverage any router or any device that broadcasts a wireless signal will definitely cause interference and are therefore prohibited.  This is the same policy that’s always been in place for the rest of campus.

Deployment Schedule

For more details on this project, see this page.