Windows 8 Software Compatibility

The following is a list of software commonly used at UNC which we have briefly tested.  Although the list may say that an application is compatible, there is no way for us to fully test every function of that application, so if the Developer does not support it, there is no guarantee that this list is completely accurate.  This list is meant to be a guideline and we intend to continue to add information to it as support for Windows 8 increases.  For more information, visit

Software Title Software Version Compatible? Link to support website
Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Yes
Mathematica 9 Yes
Matlab 2013a 8.1 Yes
Chrome Browser 35.0.1916.153 Yes, and supported! Windows 8 support page for Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox 30 Yes Firefox Support
NAC Assessment Agent Yes, and supported!
CCI Printing (x64) 8.2 Yes, and supported!
SAS 9.4 Yes, and supported!
ArcGIS 10.2 Yes, and supported!
NAS/ or Yes, and supported!