WordPress: Affiliate ONYEN System

Web.unc.edu requires all users to have an active Onyen in order to sign in.

If you need to be an administrator or editor of a site on web.unc.edu, but are not a paid employee or an enrolled student at UNC, it is possible to become an “Other Affiliate” and get an Affiliate Onyen. These can be used by visiting faculty members, website developers, or anyone not directly connected to the University, but who needs an Onyen or PID for variable instances.

In order to complete this process, the Affiliate must fill out the Affiliate Application form and submit it to the HR Facilitator of their department. The HR facilitator can then submit the Affiliate Onyen request in the Affiliate Web System. Once the request has been approved by the HR Facilitator, the Other Affiliate can create their Onyen on the ONYEN Services website.

In order to find the correct HR facilitator to be a sponsor, check the HR Facilitators List. Processing for the PID may then take up to two business days for completion.

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