WordPress: SSL Certificates

Please note this information is only for WordPress sites on web.unc.edu or sites.unc.edu. Information for other websites or WordPress hosted sites not on these networks can be found on this support document.

WordPress sites on web.unc.edu and sites.unc.edu already have valid SSL certificates and will not need additional ones. You will only need to obtain an additional SSL certificate if you use a custom domain for your website through domain mapping, such as example.com.

Domains That Do Not Need Additional SSL Certificates

  • *.web.unc.edu, i.e. heelium.web.unc.edu, hsac.web.unc.edu
  • *.sites.unc.edu, i.e. software.sites.unc.edu
  • *.unc.edu, i.e. eoc.unc.edu, hr.unc.edu

Anything besides these types of domains will require an SSL certificate, otherwise the site will show security warnings in the browser.

How to Request an SSL Certificate

Follow all the steps on setting up your custom domain name. Once that has been completed, submit a Help ticket requesting an SSL certificate for your website hosted on web.unc.edu/sites.unc.edu.