VoIP Voice Mailbox – Setting Up a Personal Mailbox (Onyen Restricted)
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What is the UNC-PSK SSID? (Onyen Restricted)
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What are Change Notices?
Description: What are Change Notices? Change Notices are email notifications, sent out to appropriate personnel regarding changes to University IT Systems. The purpose of the Change Notice system is to manage changes in a rational and predictable manner so that staff and clients can plan accordingly. Changes require serious forethought, careful monitoring, and follow-up evaluation to […]
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How to Subscribe to ITS Change Notices
Description: There are two methods to subscribe to ITS Change Notices, through an email list or a web feed. Choose your subscription method according to your personal preference and information needs. The email list will focus attention on each individual change through your inbox, which may be useful if you regularly have to act on or […]
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