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How do I get a UNC e-mail account?
Description: Before you can get an email account, you must first have a UNC PID (personal identification number) and you must be actively affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. Typically, being actively affiliated means that you are enrolled as a student in a course of study or you are a member of the faculty or staff. Information on […]
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How do I register for classes?
Description: You will be able to find link to instructions, tutorials, and tips about how to register for classes in the Office of the University Registrar’s official registration guide or view the University Registrar’s home web site for more details. We strongly recommend you visit these sites prior to your registration date so that you can […]
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ConnectCarolina Workshops: Online Registration
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Registrant Responsibilities Getting Started Registering for an Event Wait List Searching for an Event Canceling Registration Notifications from ConnectCarolina My Registrations/Cancellations (Training Records) Help Note: Go-live of ConnectCarolina for Finance and HR/Payroll and the expanded InfoPorte (reporting) is Oct. 1, but the technical and functional teams are starting the cutover process […]
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UNC Guest ID
Description: What is a UNC Guest ID? A UNC Guest ID is a web portal login that may be used to access applications, content and more. A UNC Guest ID offers limited access compared to an Onyen ID. Individuals who have an Onyen ID do not need a Guest ID, and should use their Onyen to […]
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How do I get a UNC-CH Personal Identification Number (PID)?
Description: All persons affiliated with the University, including students, faculty, staff, or others, should be assigned a PID upon entrance into the University community. For more detailed information on how, where, and when PIDs are assigned please go to the Systems and Procedures PID Information page.
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What is the Sabre application?
Description: What is the Sabre application? It is the Dept. of Athletics Sabre application support.
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Will I always have the same UNC-CH Personal Identification Number (PID)?
Description: Will I always have the same UNC-CH Personal Identification Number (PID)? Yes, you will have one PID that will be used throughout your tenure with UNC-Chapel Hill. You will keep your PID even when your status changes (student, alumni, employee), or when you come back to the University after an absence. If you think that […]
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Recommendations to computer administrators
Description: Table of Contents Statewide Information Security Manual for North Carolina Password management Systems for confidential data storage Recommended configuration for systems containing confidential data Statewide Information Security Manual for North Carolina This document lays out a number of special responsibilities and rules that apply per Statewide Information Security Manual to administrators of computing resources at […]
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How do I add money to my UNC One Card?
Description: Your UNC One Card expense plan can be used to pay for many items on campus. You can add money to this account over the web using Credit Cards, or in person with Checks, Money Orders, or Cash. See OneCard Login or the One Card website for more specifics on each of these options.
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