What is Golf Point of Sale?
Description: It is the Dept. of Athletics Point of sale system for Golf. It runs on a Win2k server
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What is LexisNexis (LexisNexis)?
Description: What is LexisNexis (LexisNexis)? LexisNexis is a subscription-based legal reference service used by the Office of Legal Counsel. LexisNexis is also available for use by patrons of the Law School Library. Questions about and problems with LexisNexis from individuals associated with the Office of Legal Counsel should be sent to the ITS-OSS-SOUTH-BUILDING Remedy Group. Mark […]
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My listing in the campus directory is wrong. How can I fix it?
Description: My listing in the campus directory is wrong. How can I fix it? You can update personal information such as address(es), telephone numbers, email address, personal URL and privacy settings by selecting the Update Entry link on the UNC Campus Directory web page. If your name appears incorrectly, contact the ITS Response Center by visiting […]
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What is TMS?
Description: TMS is the Ackland Art Museum’s software application for managing images of art works in their inventory. Questions about or problems with TMS can be directed to Scott Hankins (919-843-3685) at the Ackland Art Museum.
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I have incorrect information in the UNC-Chapel Hill Personal Identification Number (PID) database. How can I change it?
Description: There are different ways to correct your PID information depending on your current affiliation with the University. Please contact the PID Administrator with the following information to have the problem corrected: Your full name, date of birth, sex, social security number, PID number, current affiliation with the University, and a phone number where you can […]
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What is UNC P & A?
Description: What is UNC P & A? UNC Physicians and Associates. It is the billing department for UNC Hospitals. It is the most extensive application being supported. It is an umbrella application for many apps.
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Onyen & Guest IDs
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If a person goes by their Middle Name, where should we enter that info in the Directory Entry Name Change Tool?
Description: If a person goes by their Middle Name, where should we enter that info in the directory.unc.edu The user will need to login with their onyen and password then edit the preferred name field. For example, the name currently reads “John B. Smith”. The person goes by their middle name which is “Barry”. We would […]
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What is the Enrollment Planning service?
Description: The Enrollment Planning Service (EPS?) is the marketing software that pinpoints the schools and geomarkets where a student’s best prospects are most likely to be found. Undergraduate Admissions uses this service for enrollment planning by applicants. It is a subscription service provided by the College Board. Any problems or questions about the Enrollment Planning Service […]
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About the Onyen
Description:     This document will automatically redirect to the document ITS Onyen Policy. You will be redirected in seconds  
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