Sample Help document with all styles
Description: Table of Contents Heading 2 Second Heading 2 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 The Heading styles above should be used to semantically organize the content on the page. Each style maps to its respective HTML tag (e.g. <h2>). The Heading 1 style should not be used as it is reserved for the page title […]
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Online Campus Directory – Getting Started
Description: General Information The UNC Campus Directory site includes a search function, update capabilities for personal information, a reporting function for updates, general information on privacy settings and features, and help documentation. The following documentation is designed to provide assistance with the update functions included on the site. The information in the directory reflects data compiled […]
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Active Directory at UNC
Description: Overview Information Technology Services maintains the Active Directory domain.  Active Directory Domain Services is the foundation for Windows computing, enabling centralized, secure management of computing resources, including authentication, authorization, and security policies.  Important components of Active Directory include: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Kerberos Domain Name System (DNS) Distributed File System (DFS) Group Policy […]
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What are Change Notices?
Description: What are Change Notices? Change Notices are email notifications, sent out to appropriate personnel regarding changes to University IT Systems. The purpose of the Change Notice system is to manage changes in a rational and predictable manner so that staff and clients can plan accordingly. Changes require serious forethought, careful monitoring, and follow-up evaluation to […]
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Do I Need to Change My Password if I Never Use My Onyen?
Description: Do I Need to Change My Password if I Never Use My Onyen? Click here for a list of sites that use the Onyen for access. If you do not use any of these services and therefore, you never use your Onyen, do not worry about the expired password. If you need access to these […]
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What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)?
Description: What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)? The Inpower Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a web-based application that is used to process personnel actions for employees of the University who are subject to the provisions of the State Personnel Act (SPA). It is used by Human Resources. Problems with or questions about HRIS should […]
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What is the College Foundation of NC (CFNC) web site?
Description: What is the College Foundation of NC (CFNC) web site? College Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is a nonprofit corporation that has been offering students and parents financial assistance since 1955. CFI is the central loan originator and servicer for North Carolina’s Federal Family Education Loan Program for post-secondary education. CFI also serves as administrative agent for […]
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Who supports user setup for WebFocus?
Description: Who supports user setup for WebFocus? For Finance, contact the campus FRS Coordinator at 962-3722. For Student Information, contact the SIS Coordinator at the Registrar’s Office at 962-3954.
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Campus Directory FAQs
Description: Introduction The following is a list of frequently-asked questions about the Campus Directory service. Questions & Answers Who is in the Campus Directory? The Campus Directory provides telephone, address, URL, and e-mail information for faculty, staff, students and affiliates of UNC-Chapel Hill. Faculty/Staff: In compliance with N.C. state statute, all persons employed by or affiliated […]
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Password Change Checklist (List of Onyen-Authenticated Services)
Description: Changing your Onyen password does not automatically change the password for all the other services you may access from your computer. You may have used the same password for other services, such as logging onto your computer, logging into your departmental server, the campus calendar system, or even or eBay. You need to decide […]
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