How to Subscribe to ITS Change Notices
Description: There are two methods to subscribe to ITS Change Notices, through an email list or a web feed. Choose your subscription method according to your personal preference and information needs. The email list will focus attention on each individual change through your inbox, which may be useful if you regularly have to act on or […]
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ITS-System Registration
Description: ITS-System Registration application provides for the creation of system registration requests for CIs (Configuration Items) located on one of the three managed ITS (Information Technology Services) machine rooms. These requests can be saved as drafts or directly submitted to ITS. ITS will process the request and when all open issues with the request have been […]
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What is the slip printer application?
Description: Slip printer software is used at the Cashier’s Office for printing payment receipts. These printers are similar to the ones that are used in banks when customers go and make a payment or deposit. Students make payments and the slip printers print the receipt to validate the transaction. Problems with or questions about the slip […]
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Online Application Troubleshooting Steps
Description: If you experience any of these error types: Error Reference Number, missing data from drop-down, or failure to submit your application; please follow the steps below. Sign out of your online application and please visit: How to Clear Cache and Cookies. Close all web browsers after clearing cache and cookies (step 1). Reopen your web […]
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What is a UNC-CH Personal Identification Number (PID)?
Description: A Personal Identification Number (PID) is assigned to all persons affiliated with the University. This number is intended to give everyone a universal number (PID or Personal ID) on their UNC One cards that is unique to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The number is nine digits long and replaces all existing […]
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