Setting up OneDrive in the General Purpose Classrooms
Description: If you are using your Microsoft OneDrive from the classroom computer, you can access directions here.
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Using ZOOM in a General Purpose Classroom
Description: This document will help you use ZOOM in a General Purpose Classroom.
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Tips when using technology in a General Purpose Classroom (GPC).
Description: We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions when using technology found in the General Purpose Classrooms. 1) Displaying a Macbook Pro with Touchbar. 2) Using “Presenter View” in dual screened rooms. 3) Launching Citrix Apps using Citrix Receiver. 4) All the things your Document Camera can do. 5) Cut the cord from your podium […]
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Using Mobile Applications in our General Purpose Classrooms
Description: There are a few apps that will allow you to use your mobile device in our classrooms. You can connect your mobile device to the in-house computer and control the computer, as well as project your mobile device to the video source with a wireless connection. Mirroring 360 App is available in all General Purpose […]
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Exam Scanning FAQ
Description: Frequently Asked Questions with Exam Scanning and our new Digital Desk Instructor Tools site: 1) Where do I drop off my scantron forms? We are located in the basement of Peabody Hall, suite 08. Our drop box is available whenever you can access the building. 2) What is the turn around time for exam processing? […]
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Exam Scanning – Digital Desk Tutorial
Description: A Tutorial (updated Fall 2018) for using Digital Desk Exam Scanning at UNC-Chapel Hill.<a
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Classroom Support
Description: The Classroom Hotline provides technology support to all General Purpose Classrooms on campus. For a detailed list of the rooms we support, please look here.  We also provide department design and support for collaborative spaces. If you need immediate classroom support, contact us at 919-962-6702 or use the Hotline phone found in your classroom.
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