What is an AFS token?
Description:   What is an AFS token? An AFS token verifies your identity to the file system. You get a token when you enter your onyen and password to a ssh session or Windows login screen. A token expires after 25 hours. To check whether you have a valid token, see How do I see if […]
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AFS File Locking Issue
Description:   Table of Contents Introduction Problems Diagnosis for Windows client Diagnosis for Unix client Introduction A new feature called ‘byte-range-locking’ has been implemented in version 1.5 of the OpenAFS. This feature combined with the ‘k’ ACL (for file locking) allows a file in the directory to be locked by the individual application for updates. Problems […]
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UNC AFS Client Installation Guide for Macintosh Systems
Description:   Loading the openafs package The OpenAFS client for Mac OS X 10.11 is available to download from www.auristor.com. When you download the AFS client, the installer’s disk image (DMG) file will mount on your desktop. Double-click AuriStor-client-0.43-ElCapitan.dmg, then double-click the Auristor-Lite.pkg icon in the pop-up: click Continue, and Agree to the licensing terms. In the Auristor Client Cell Configuration screen, enter the […]
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How do I request AFS space?
Description:   Individuals affiliated with UNC who create an Onyen are eligible to receive, at no charge, an entitlement of data storage space for their use as members of the University community. ITS recognizes that the allocations available through individual space may not be adequate to meet departmental storage requirements.  For additional departmental allocations, please send […]
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