How do I backup data to a USB Memory Key?
Description: USB Memory Keys are portable storage devices that allow you to share data between computers with a USB port. They offer considerably more space for you to store files and are compatible with the ITS computers in the labs on campus, which makes printing a breeze. The size of these devices can range from 4GB […]
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Windows: Optimizing the Speed & Space of your Hard Disk
Description: Throughout this document, run commands, or commands that are launched from the Windows Run dialog box, are given as alternate ways to launch the programs used throughout this article. To launch the Windows Run dialog box, go to Start > Run or press WinKey + R. Run the Disk Cleanup Utility To launch by: Start […]
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Mac OS X: Archive and Install
Description: Table of Contents Introduction About Archive and Install How to use Archive and Install Tips and Notes Files and Folders that are Preserved Introduction This document discusses the Archive and Install feature of the Mac OS X Installer. To learn more about this feature in Mac OS X, see this document. Before reinstalling the Mac […]
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How Do I Burn an ISO?
Description: Table of Contents What is an ISO? How to Burn an ISO using Multimedia Center for Think Offerings How to Burn an ISO using ImgBurn More Information What is an ISO? An ISO image is a computer file that digitally represents the data and format of physical recordable media, such as CDs or DVDs. The […]
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How do I backup data to a CD or DVD?
Description: A CD Writer is simply a CD-ROM drive that can save information to recordable CDs (CD-R or CD-RW). A DVD Writer is similar to a CD Writer, although it can also save information to recordable DVDs (DVD-R or DVD-RW). Before attempting to burn media, you should always know what type of burner you have and […]
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