Data Backup Options
Description: Introduction The best way to ensure that you don’t lose important documents is to always back up your data in multiple locations. The more vigilant you are in your backup habits, the less likely you will face frustrating, and sometimes unsuccessful, recovery efforts. Class papers, notes, research, theses, dissertations, address books, and bookmarks are all […]
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Removing Data from Computer and Electronic Storage Devices
Description: Why should I be concerned about removing data? Computers and other electronic devices store information on a variety of media. It is important to ensure that all licensed software and all University confidential (e.g., classified as internal use, restricted, or restricted-health) information is securely removed from such devices before ownership is transferred. Examples of electronic […]
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How do I get webspace for my student organization?
Description: Go to the Student Organization Group ID Requests site, fill in the requested information, and then submit the form.
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Connecting to using Fetch in Mac OS 10.
Description: What is Fetch? Fetch is an application for the Macintosh that supports the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). The program is available as a free download to UNC faculty, staff, and students at the UNC Shareware site. Using Fetch Once you have downloaded and installed Fetch you can open the program which will take you […]
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How do I increase my Web space allocation?
Description: Web space allocation is a part of the general space allocation on the campus file servers. Requests to increase this space allocation are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for space increases can be made by sending email to ITS-SYSTEMS with an explanation of why the additional space is needed.
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Is anonymous FTP available?
Description: Is anonymous FTP available? This service is deprecated. ITS is not accepting new users for this service. We have offered this service to departments and organizations in the past, but we are not accepting new users. See Research Computing’s Non-Sensitive Research Data FTP Site for non-onyen Collaborators for an alternative service. This was not intended […]
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Connecting to and your H-drive using SSH/SFTP Secure Shell in Windows
Description: Table of Contents What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell? Using SSH Secure Shell/Secure File Transfer Client Connecting to for the first time Creating a desktop shortcut What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell? SSH/SFTP Secure Shell is a one-stop application that supports both SSH and SFTP access. The program is available as a free download to UNC […]
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How can I tell on which fileserver(s) a file/directory resides?
Description: In Windows Explorer on a PC, right click the file or folder on the network AFS drive. This brings up a menu which includes an AFS submenu. In the AFS submenu, select “Show File Servers”, which will bring up a dialog box showing the fileserver. For UNIX users, the fs whereis filename command returns the […]
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