How do I add or delete an Onyen for an AFS user group?
Description: For department or organization web pages, change group membership by using the form at For course web pages, change group membership by using the form at
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OpenAFS cloning errors using Ghost
Description: Introduction The information contained in this document is directed at all system administrators, staff, or users who have responsibilities for setting up Windows machines with AFS as part of the software load. Background A problem was discovered on Windows machines running OpenAFS version 1.3.8XX or greater which were installed using a cloning process (Ghosting, or […]
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NAS Architecture
Description: About ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) service that provides a free base allocation of network storage to departments and employees. Departmental storage is hosted on \\ Full time employees can subscribe to free personal home directory space hosted on \\ More information is available on the UNC Help website: This document is […]
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Managing Files on the UNC Server
Description: About This Document This document provides a description of the UNC server space provided to faculty, staff and students. It also links to tools for accessing and managing an individual’s server space at a more advanced level. It focuses on understanding the structure of directories and files within a users’ web space. The material covered […]
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How can I use AFS on a Microsoft Windows machine?
Description: Documentation on obtaining, installing and configuring the AFS client (OpenAFS) is available at  
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Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Description: About ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file service solution. The service is hosted on \\ Departments receive a subsidized space allocation calculated against Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee count. The departmental allocation is 10GB per FTE. This subsidized allocation will be provided as a block to the departmental group, sub-allocation within the client […]
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How do I increase my Web space allocation?
Description: Web space allocation is a part of the general space allocation on the campus file servers. Requests to increase this space allocation are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for space increases can be made by sending email to ITS-SYSTEMS with an explanation of why the additional space is needed.
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Description: What is NAS? NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. ITS offers a central NAS service designed to provide the Campus with CIFS based file storage for departmental and home directory use. The system uses Active Directory ( authentication for access permissions and is designed to meet a base level of security requirements. It is NOT […]
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\\ — Connect from Windows 7 (NAS)
Description: Introduction ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file storage solution. The service is hosted on \\ Full time faculty and staff can subscribe to the service. They receive a personal allocation of 10 GB. (Please note: 2 GB is reserved for snapshots) To Subscribe to the Service Users subscribe to the service via the […]
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Legacy Data Warehouse
Description: There are two user interfaces for our Legacy Data Warehouse, one for HR users and the other for Finance. (A new Data Warehouse based on PeopleSoft Campus Solutions student data is under development and will later incorporate HR and Finance data from PeopleSoft). Table of Contents HR Data Warehouse Finance Data Warehouse Direct links to […]
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