Secure NAS
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Getting Started on Secure NAS
Description: Introduction ITS offers a Secure Network Attached Storage (SecNAS) file service solution. The service is hosted on \\  The service is offered as a departmental solution for the storage of sensitive data.   Access is currently limited to the CIFS protocol. Departments receive a subsidized space allocation calculated against Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee count. […]
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NAS Allocation by Department
Description: Departmental Allocations (\\ This is an Full Time Equivalent (FTE) report based on HR payroll data out of the campus data warehouse. This report was performed Dec 2013. The right most column is based on departmental input to determine how department numbers fit together. The document is a guide to help determine departmental quotas. Any […]
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Windows 8 Software Compatibility
Description: The following is a list of software commonly used at UNC which we have briefly tested.  Although the list may say that an application is compatible, there is no way for us to fully test every function of that application, so if the Developer does not support it, there is no guarantee that this list […]
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Connecting to NAS with Windows 8
Description:  Previously, a registry change was required on Windows 8 computers to connect to the campus Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution ( or  Due to some updates this is NO LONGER needed. Windows 8 computers should successfully connect to campus NAS solutions without any registry edits. For more information please visit: Getting Started on […]
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How to enable directory listing on webserver?
Description: On Friday August 24, 2012, ITS turned off the directory listing as the default setting on the webserver configuration. The impact of this change is that the public_html directories underneath or aliased by, that DO NOT have an index.html or index.htm files will no longer display a listing of the directory contents.  […]
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Accessing OASIS Filer Space on Domain PCs
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Logging in from Windows XP or 2000 Logging in from Windows 98 Additional Help Introduction In addition to your AFS space, every faculty member, staff, and graduate student in the college of Arts and Sciences has access to a secure filer where you can store documents and other important data. This […]
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How do I access external perl modules from AFS package space?
Description: Perl modules that are maintained outside of the perl package must be accessed from within a perl program by a “use lib” line that indicates the directory where the module resides. This affects the below modules. Table 1. Examples of Module Names and Required perl lines use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/afs/libperl’; use AFS; use lib […]
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Accessing OASIS Filer Space on Macintosh PCs
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Backup Service
Description: About ITS hosts a Backup Service for enterprise systems. The service is built around IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). Customers are primarily internal ITS servers but some external departments also subscribe to the service. Data is backed up nightly to two sets of tapes. One copy is kept onsite, the second goes offsite to a […]
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