Exam Scanning FAQ
Description: Frequently Asked Questions with Exam Scanning and our new Digital Desk Instructor Tools site: 1) Where do I drop off my scantron forms? We are located in the basement of Peabody Hall, suite 08. Our drop box is available whenever you can access the building. 2) What is the turn around time for exam processing? […]
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Exam Scanning – Digital Desk Tutorial
Description: A Tutorial for using Digital Desk at UNC-Chapel Hill.
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Using Sakai to host a personal website
Description: All Sakai@UNC users have a Home site with its own Resources area for sharing and storage of up to 2 GBs of files. An individual’s Resources area is a good choice for hosting personal portfolios and web sites. By default, materials are private to the owner, but can be made publicly accessible and links to it shared with […]
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Accessing local files from Virtual Lab
Description: When opening/saving files on Virtual Lab, it is important to make sure that you are saving to your local machine rather than to the server. Below is a picture of an example open dialog from a program in Virtual Lab, highlighting the general location of your local drive (Please note that Operating System and user […]
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Why use VoiceThread?
Description: Why Use VoiceThread?
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Sakai Tests & Quizzes Tool
Description: Sakai Tests & Quizzes Tool
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Why use a classroom response system?
Description: Why Use a Classroom Response System?
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Peer Review Options (using UNC Instructional Technologies)
Description: Peer Review Tools Using UNC Instructional Technologies A quick comparison: Tool Great for… Sakai: Assignments Tool ·      Peer review of written and media assignments, as well as general peer review for group participation ·      Grading the person being reviewed by peers, NOT the peer reviewers Sakai: Lessons Tool (with Student Pages) ·      Anonymous peer reviews, […]
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Best practices for online discussions
Description: Best Practices for Online Discussions
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Facilitating Online Discussions
Description: Facilitating Online Discussions
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