What can I do with VoiceThread?
Description: See what all you can do with VoiceThread by viewing different kinds of VoiceThreads other users have created. NOTE: You may need to log out of your UNC account to view these VoiceThreads as they exist outside of the UNC VoiceThread domain.   See VoiceThread FAQs.  
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VoiceThread FAQ
Description: VoiceThread Transform media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. How do you use VoiceThread? Step 1: Post documents, images, video clips Step 2: Comment in writing, with voice, with video, with freehand drawing Step 3: Invite others to view and add their comments  
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Tech on Demand
Description: This PDF linked describes IT resources at UNC-Chapel Hill that are free for students to use.  This information was originally composed by Student Government as a service for students by students.
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Microsoft IT Academy
Description:  What is Microsoft IT Academy? IT Academy is an e-learning tool by Microsoft providing instruction on a wide range of Microsoft technologies. This service is available free of charge to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students. How do I get started with Microsoft IT Academy? The main IT Academy page for UNC can be found […]
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Sakai Tutorials
Description: For help documentation on Sakai, please see Sakai Community Documentation and sakaitutorials.unc.edu.
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Windows Surface RT?
Description: Installing Citrix Receiver ● You must be connected to the internet when installing or using the Citrix Receiver application. ● Note: Windows RT is new software. Local drive access has not yet been added. If you have any problems or notice any decreased functionality, please submit a Help Request. The more we know, the more we […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Mac
Description: Installing or Upgrading the Citrix Receiver To install the Receiver, you need to select a web browser. Each browser has its own set of dialog boxes and instructions. The set of instructions below are for installing the plug-in. Follow any set of instructions displayed on your screen that are specific to the web browser you are running. […]
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Software Installation Menu
Description: Citrix Receiver Software Installation Android iOS (iPhone & iPad) Macintosh Microsoft Surface RT Microsoft Windows For other operating systems follow all download instructions that are displayed in your web browser.
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on iOS
Description: Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver Applications The Citrix Receiver  is a small piece of software code that after connecting allows you to interact with Virtual Lab. You can save your work to your home desktop or a USB-connected flash drive and print using your USB-connected and network printers. Also available is the ability to create […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on my Chrome device?
Description: How Do I Install VL Software for My Chrome (OS) Device? Note: ChromeOS service for Virtual Lab is reliant on younger, less tested back-end architecture. ITS continues to develop the service to improve reliability, speed, and features. Please alert us to any problems you may experience via help.unc.edu. Thank you. Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver […]
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