General Classroom Support
Description: General Support The Classroom Hotline supports general purpose and multimedia classrooms (rooms controlled and scheduled by the Registrar’s office). On call technical support is provided 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. Rooms that have red phones dial our office directly or we may be reached at 962-6702 or via e-mail at . […]
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Managing a Course Online
Description: Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a range of resources to help Carolina’s faculty successfully create and manage courses online. Click a link below for more information. Resources for Students Provide online readings When posting reading assignments online, realize that many students print these documents, and printing long or graphics-heavy documents takes time and paper. In […]
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Where can I find information about instructional technology?
Description: The ITS Teaching and Learning division offers information on instructional technologies to faculty, staff and graduate assistants and provides support for commonly-used and emerging technologies.
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My instructor gave a test using a scantron sheet. How do I find out my exam score?
Description: My instructor gave a test using a scantron sheet. How do I find out my exam score? Exam scores are released by the Instructor after the exam has been processed. Students can access exam scores that have been released through the Student portal of the Exam Scanning website.
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SMART Board Guide for SASB
Description: Using the SMART Board in ITS Labs SASB Obtain the flash drive for the SMART Boards from the ITRC-SASB Help Desk. Turn on the plasma screen using the small black box below the display. Make sure “Laptop” is lit on the small black box, and then connect the VGA cable to your laptop. If speakers […]
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Poll Everywhere FAQ
Description: This document describes how to use Poll Everywhere for in-class polling.
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Connecting a Laptop in a Multimedia Classroom
Description: When using the laptop connection, make your selection using the touch panel. Below is the screen you will see when selecting PC or Laptop: After plugging the VGA cable into the VGA port (the blue port on CCI Laptops), plugging the laptop audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop, and the Ethernet cable […]
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What does a touch panel interface look like?
Description: What does a touch panel interface look like? The design of the interface can be made to meet your needs. We have designed our interface according to feedback provided to us by professors and lecturers who use the room. For an example of the layout, visit this link. For more information about design and interface, […]
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How do I access UNC VoiceThread?
Description: To create VoiceThreads on you must have an Onyen account. 1. Go to 2. When prompted Enter your Onyen and password. 3. A terms of use agreement will be displayed. Read the agreement carefully, and click Yes to accept the terms.  
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Teaching and Learning Events
Description: What are Teaching and Learning Events? Teaching and Learning events cover a variety of topics including the use of technology in the classroom, events designed to educate the campus about the effective use of technology, and emerging technologies. While some events may be open to the entire campus community, others may be limited. How to […]
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