Connecting a Laptop in a Multimedia Classroom
Description: When using the laptop connection, make your selection using the touch panel. Below is the screen you will see when selecting PC or Laptop: After plugging the VGA cable into the VGA port (the blue port on CCI Laptops), plugging the laptop audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop, and the Ethernet cable […]
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What does a touch panel interface look like?
Description: What does a touch panel interface look like? The design of the interface can be made to meet your needs. We have designed our interface according to feedback provided to us by professors and lecturers who use the room. For an example of the layout, visit this link. For more information about design and interface, […]
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How do I access UNC VoiceThread?
Description: To create VoiceThreads on, you must have an Onyen account. 1. Go to 2. Click Sign-in/Register. 3. When prompted for a user name and password, enter your Onyen and password. 4. If you haven’t yet registered for UNC VoiceThread, you’ll be prompted to enter a) your name and b) your email address twice. […]
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Teaching and Learning Events
Description: What are Teaching and Learning Events? Teaching and Learning events cover a variety of topics including the use of technology in the classroom, events designed to educate the campus about the effective use of technology, and emerging technologies. While some events may be open to the entire campus community, others may be limited. How to […]
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Why am I unable to log in to the campus library eReserve material, and why is my PID not recognized?
Description: Why am I unable to log in to the campus library eReserve material, and why is my PID not recognized? The eReserve system requires a student, staff, or faculty member to authenticate with that system using their PID when connecting from off campus. The database that houses these PIDs belongs to the Davis Library Reference […]
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Library Reserves General Information
Description: Instructors who assign outside reading to students often put those readings on reserve. Those books, photocopies and A-V materials are available for student use at the Reserve Reading Desk or Media Resources Center in R.B. House Undergraduate Library or the reserve reading collections in departmental libraries. Certain materials are also eligible for electronic reserve (e-reserve). […]
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Where can I find information on Securexam?
Description: Where can I find information on Securexam? More information on Securexam can be found at the UNC Securexam web page.
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Publishing Microsoft PowerPoint
Description: Introduction Publishing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is a relatively simple process that makes the file accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. You can publish PowerPoint presentation slides as: A PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt) A Web page (.html) Image files (.jpeg, .gif, .png, .tif) This document will cover the advantages and disadvantages, and outline […]
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How should I request help in Virtual Lab?
Description:  Virtual Lab Help Documets Get Help ITS Response Center (ITRC Help Desk) is on call for help 24/7/365. Call Call 962-HELP (4357) to speak to an ITS Response Center consultant. Email Submit an Online Help Request to the ITS Response Center. Log in with your Onyen. Under “Type of help needed, select “ITS Computer Labs” […]
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What does AMX stand for?
Description: What does AMX stand for? At Multimedia Classroom Design, we use a variety of high tech equipment to help with the functionality of our classrooms. One of the technical companies that we utilize is AMX. AMX stands for Automated Memory eXtra. For more information about what different kinds of equipment and services we provide, feel […]
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