Self Service Tool (Email, Listserv, and Mass Email)
Description: The university has transitioned our email service to Office 365 (also know as Heelmail). A Self Service tool has been created to allow faculty/staff or students to sign up for email, add/modify aliases, manage their lists, and create Office 365 Group. Once logged into the Self Service tool there are four tabs (Home, ListManager, MassMail, […]
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What is the Listserv Web Interface?
Description: What is the Listserv Web Interface? The Listserv Web Interface allows list subscribers to interact with mailing lists through the Web interface instead of by e-mail. By going to and logging in with your Onyen and password, you may: Learn about lists available on the server Log in and view your subscribed lists Subscribe […]
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How do I Login to the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface?
Description: You may access the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface by going to, logging in with your Onyen and password, and clicking the Log In and List Members links.
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How do I get my list passwords?
Description: 1. Visit and log in with Onyen and password. 2. In the Visit or Manage a Single List section, choose to Visit a list that you are currently subscribed to, that requires a password to access. 3. When prompted to do so, enter your email address that you are subscribed to the list with, […]
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Why can’t I send a message to more than one list at the same time?
Description: The Allow Cross-Posting option defaults to NO for all new lists, and this is why you received that error message. The fix for it is: Visit, then log in with your Onyen and password. Click the Log In and List Administrators links to log into your list. Go to Utilities > List Settings > […]
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Listserv – Exporting & Importing Members
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to import and export members of a listserv. This can be useful for combining listservs for simplicity or even renaming listservs. While renaming an existing listserv must be done by a system administrator, exporting the members of a listserv to a CSV file and importing those […]
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How to create an automatic welcome message for new subscribers of moderated lists?
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to create a welcome message to send to new subscribers. The document is intended for new subscribers of a moderated list. Create Document Content Once you login to the UNC List server, you can Begin by clicking onĀ Utilities: Automated Messages: Document Content Click on Create From […]
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Listserv Administrators – FAQ Collection
Description: Membership Management List Settings Web Interface Other
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UNC List Server Policies
Description: Introduction All items covered under the Onyen Policy apply to the UNC-CH List Server (including its lists and subscribers). The following policies are additions that are specific to the UNC-CH List Server. Backups Backups of list membership, settings, and archives (if any) are retained for thirty (30) days. Deletions ITS deletes lists that remain dormant […]
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Which browsers are supported for use with the UNC Campus listserver?
Description: Web Browsers Internet Explorer 10 Firefox 29 or higher The following web browsers are not officially supported, but should work: Netscape 8.1 Opera 7.x and later Mozilla 1.2x Safari Google Chrome
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