Tech on Demand
Description: This PDF linked describes IT resources at UNC-Chapel Hill that are free for students to use.  This information was originally composed by Student Government as a service for students by students.
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How can I see all of my e-mail folders?
Description: IMPORTANT NOTE: The folder subscription instructions below are only for Exchange or HeelMail accounts that have been configured with IMAP settings, using an IMAP email application such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or MS-Outlook. In some cases, you may not see all of your folders in your e-mail client. This happens when some folders are […]
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Self Service Tool (Email, Listserv, and Mass Email)
Description: The university has transitioned our email service to Office 365 (also know as Heelmail). A Self Service tool has been created to allow faculty/staff or students to sign up for email, add/modify aliases, manage their lists, and create Office 365 Group. Once logged into the Self Service tool there are four tabs (Home, ListManager, MassMail, […]
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How do I opt-in to the UNC Spam Filtering Service?
Description: All UNC ITS email users are opted-in to the UNC Spam Filtering Service by default. For information on how to use this service, see the document for the UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service, and the UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service FAQ
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What is the Listserv Web Interface?
Description: What is the Listserv Web Interface? The Listserv Web Interface allows list subscribers to interact with mailing lists through the Web interface instead of by e-mail. By going to and logging in with your Onyen and password, you may: Learn about lists available on the server Log in and view your subscribed lists Subscribe […]
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What are the best practices to use to prevent someone from receiving spam?
Description: Introduction Although there are many opinions as to what spam is, there is some consensus that spam can be considered to be unsolicited, bulk commercial e-mail. Spam has evolved from its beginnings as unsolicited commercial-based postings to usenet newgroups to current sophisticated attempts to steal users’ identities via phishing and or to market illicit goods […]
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How do I Login to the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface?
Description: You may access the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface by going to, logging in with your Onyen and password, and clicking the Log In and List Members links.
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How do I get my list passwords?
Description: 1. Visit and log in with Onyen and password. 2. In the Visit or Manage a Single List section, choose to Visit a list that you are currently subscribed to, that requires a password to access. 3. When prompted to do so, enter your email address that you are subscribed to the list with, […]
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How can I determine to which lists I am subscribed?
Description: Send an email to with a blank subject and the word which in the body, and you will receive a return message telling you which lists you are a member of.
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Why can’t I send a message to more than one list at the same time?
Description: The Allow Cross-Posting option defaults to NO for all new lists, and this is why you received that error message. The fix for it is: Visit, then log in with your Onyen and password. Click the Log In and List Administrators links to log into your list. Go to Utilities > List Settings > […]
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