Listserv – Exporting & Importing Members
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to import and export members of a listserv. This can be useful for combining listservs for simplicity or even renaming listservs. While renaming an existing listserv must be done by a system administrator, exporting the members of a listserv to a CSV file and importing those […]
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LDAP Directory (Campus Address Server)
Description: About The LDAP Directory service manages a database of contact information about members of the UNC-Chapel Hill community. This database is accessed by many other systems across campus, including the Campus Directory ( In addition, the LDAP Directory can be used in conjunction with your email client addressbook, allowing you to look up email […]
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LDAP Directory Setup Instructions
Description:   LDAP Overview The LDAP directory is used to store all sorts of information about members of the UNC-Chapel Hill community. Most importantly, it keeps contact information and when it is used in conjunction with your email addressbook, can become very useful. The following information will help you set up your email client to use […]
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How to create an automatic welcome message for new subscribers of moderated lists?
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to create a welcome message to send to new subscribers. The document is intended for new subscribers of a moderated list. Create Document Content Once you login to the UNC List server, you can Begin by clicking on¬†Utilities: Automated Messages: Document Content Click on Create From […]
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Mass E-mail Frequently Asked Questions
Description: The UNC-Chapel Hill Mass E-mail System is a tool for requesting and distributing official UNC-Chapel Hill messages through e-mail. This system provides support for mailing to predefined broad sectors of the university community. The Mass E-mail System is not intended to replace individual, school, or departmental address lists or mailing lists. These other methods are […]
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What types of messages should I be deleting, and where should I look for them?
Description: Obviously, you should keep any messages that are important to you. Deleting any others will help reduce the total amount of space that your mailbox is using. An important thing to keep in mind is messages with large attachments can increase your mailbox size exponentially! Tip:¬†One useful feature of many e-mail clients is the ability […]
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Listserv Administrators – FAQ Collection
Description: Membership Management List Settings Web Interface Other
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Can I set up a vacation autoresponder for my email account when I am away?
Description: Can I set up a vacation autoresponder for my email account when I am away? Yes. Office 365 provides an e-mail auto-reply that automatically responds to senders of your incoming e-mail messages with a message notifying them that you are away and/or unable to read your e-mail. This service provided for the campus centralized Office […]
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Description: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol used to transmit private communications via the Internet. Many web sites use the SSL protocol to protect confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with “https” instead of the normal “http“. Many email clients also support SSL […]
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UNC List Server Policies
Description: Introduction All items covered under the Onyen Policy apply to the UNC-CH List Server (including its lists and subscribers). The following policies are additions that are specific to the UNC-CH List Server. Backups Backups of list membership, settings, and archives (if any) are retained for thirty (30) days. Deletions ITS deletes lists that remain dormant […]
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