Managing a List
Description: To List or Not to List If you need to send mail frequently to a number of people, probably the simplest solution is to set up an address book group in your email client. All of the ITS-supported email clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook and Pine) make it very easy to construct such a group that […]
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What is e-mail address obfuscation?
Description: Introduction E-mail address obfuscation is the practice of concealing your e-mail address from spammers or harvesters while maintaining the ability to freely publish your e-mail address to publicly-accessible electronic forums. One tool that spammers use to collect e-mail addresses are harvesters. Harvesters are automated programs that crawl webpages and record email addresses that they find […]
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Subscribing to a List
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Basic Terms Methods for Using List Commands Essentials: Joining a List Posting a Message to the List Visiting Your List on the Web and Modifying Your Settings Modifying Your List Settings Via Email Moving On… Introduction Lists allow email discussions among a group of people. Instead of sending a mail message […]
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How can I get an email domain or host removed from the spam block list?
Description: Introduction
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UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service
Description: Introduction Email fraud and phishing are two of the most dangerous security threats delivered in email, often resulting in identity theft, financial losses and compromised security. Identity theft attacks are typically initiated through email by scammers pretending to be well-known companies. These messages encourage you to click on links within the message to visit a […]
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Listserv Web Interface
Description: How do I login to the Listserv Web Interface? Visit then click on ListManager.  Then click on LOGIN. Why can’t I enter a list? Some lists allow members only to read archived messages. You will need to subscribe or log in before you can access these lists. Why can’t I join a list? You […]
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How do I send mail from another address in Mozilla Thunderbird?
Description: What are Identities in Mozilla Thunderbird? Settings used when you start composing a message Settings used when you send a message Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 or later is required for these instructions for creating multiple identities. Create an Identity To create an identity in Mozilla Thunderbird, go to Tools > Account Settings to open the Account […]
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UNC Encrypted Email (Encryption)
Description: Overview UNC Encrypted Email provides message encryption between the sender and recipient, and can be received by any email user, independent of email client or operating system, without installing any software. This will encrypt the entire email including attachments. Please note: If you have questions regarding the type of messages or data that should be […]
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UNC-CH Spam Filtering Service FAQ
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Creating Netnews Newsgroups
Description: Introduction This document provides basic instructions for starting a new newsgroup. Newsgroups are topic areas available on netnews , a facility that allows reading of articles on a news server, responding publicly to the article in a followup or privately in a reply, and posting new articles on subjects of your own choosing. Note: Words […]
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