WiFi Tips
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Connecting to the UNC Wired Network
Description: Connecting your computer or device to the University network involves three steps: Finding your network card(s) hardware address. Registering your network card(s) hardware address. Configuring your system for the University wired or wireless network (Some Game Systems).
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Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network
Description: Operating System (All) eduroam UNC-PSK Windows 7/8/8.1/10 * 8 RT Mac OS X (10.6 – 10.12.x) Linux iOS (9.x) Android (4.x.x – 7.x.x) Windows Phone Chromebook Blackberry Please click the buttons below to expand and see the configuration instructions: Due to many issues with wireless connections dropping while on Mac OS X. The University recommends […]
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DHCP Server Registration
Description: Occasionally, we have seen the appearance of “bogus/rogue” DHCP servers on the campus network, which have often been the result of someone bringing up a Windows server inappropriately configured. The impact of these is usually limited to the particular departmental VLAN that the server is in and can result in connectivity disruptions within that department. […]
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Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started
Description: Introduction Wired and/or  Wireless (Wi-Fi) networking should be available in all the on-campus residence halls, offices and classrooms. All CCI laptops come with a Wi-Fi built into the computer and some have a wired connection (built into the computer or by using an external adapter). Setup A Connection Instructions for getting connected will depend on the type of […]
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Connecting to the UNC Network – Misc. Device Registration and Configuration
Description: Getting connected to the UNC-Chapel Hill network involves three actions: Obtaining your device’s network hardware/MAC address Registering your network card(s) Configuring your device for the network via Wireless (Wi-Fi) or Wired. Because of the large number of devices across vendors, not every configuration utility behaves the same way. For support and specific instructions with your […]
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