How do I get networking and IT support in my on-campus residence hall or apartment?
Description: For detailed instructions on connecting to our network see our Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started document. If you need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk via one of the Other ITS Help Options. You may also request an on-site visit from a ResNET Residential Computing Consultant (RCC).
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How do I get networking or IT support if I live in Granville Towers?
Description: Granville Towers has a direct connection to the UNC-CH network, but they manage their own networking equipment. UNC does not provide on-site support for Granville Towers, because it is a private institution. However, residents can receive IT support remotely via web, chat, or phone from the ITS Service Desk. They can also bring their computers […]
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If I am living off campus, how do I get access to the campus network?
Description: In order to access the UNC-CH campus network, you must first connect to the Internet. You can connect to the Internet by using an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once you are connected to the Internet, you should be able to access campus network resources just as you would from on-campus. Please note that in order […]
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Where are the wireless network access points located on campus?
Description: As a result of the “Pervasive Wi-Fi Project” that began in March of 2014 and was essentially completed in July of 2017, there should now be Wi-Fi coverage in all spaces within on-campus University buildings. If you find yourself in a campus building that has areas with no Wi-Fi coverage, please contact your school or […]
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Can I have additional Ethernet networking ports added in my residence hall room?
Description: Customers may purchase an “unmanaged switch” or “hub” which is basically a splitter that allows multiple devices to be connected to one Ethernet port. We recommend the Netgear Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switches. Their 4-port switch costs around $35. If you need help selecting a switch, please contact ResNET. Warning: Customers are prohibited from using a […]
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