What is the UNC-PSK SSID? (Onyen Restricted)
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What is the guest wireless network (UNC-Guest)?
Description: Currently, the Guest Access vlan uses UNC-Guest SSID and is available for select 802.11 wireless locations including Athletics Pressbox, Friday Center, School of Government and Business School. Should you need access in one of these locations, please contact the appropriate IT support person at each of these locations to obtain the necessary SSID value to […]
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UNC-Guest-PSK SSID (Onyen Restricted)
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Are wireless printers supported on campus?
Description: Wireless printers are not recommended or supported for departmental use. Inasmuch as wireless IP addressing is DHCP-only (where the “D” stands for “Dynamic”), that presents a major problem for trying to use wireless printers on the campus network. Because of this addressing issue, wireless printers are not designed for the campus workplace environment. Currently wireless […]
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Networking Tools (Onyen Restricted)
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Connecting to the UNC Network – Tivo
Description: Setting up TiVo on the campus network is a very simple, three-step process: Determine the MAC Address of your TiVo unit Open the Tivo Menu. Select Settings. Select Phone/Network. The MAC address should be listed on that screen along with the IP address. ┬áIf you have both a wired and a wireless interface on the […]
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Are wireless and Wi-Fi the same thing?
Description: No, Wi-Fi refers to a specific technology of wireless local area networks based on specifications standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards committee (the 802.11 group). Accordingly, all Wi-Fi products are referred to as 802.11-something. Wireless network technologies encompass a broad range of products, including Wi-Fi, cellular, Wi-Max and more.
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Parallels Application on Mac OSX Fails to Network Wirelessly
Description: Overview This document provides a solution for when the Parallels application for Mac OSX works on wired connections but fails for wireless DHCP access. Solution 1. In your Parallels configuration, set the network adapter to Host-only networking . 2. In OSX go to Applications > System Preferences > Sharing and choose Internet . Choose to […]
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What should I use for IP net mask and default gateway configuration (sorted by VLAN ID)?
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Are static wireless IP addresses allowed on campus?
Description: Due to the roaming nature of wi-fi/wireless (it is a mobile technology, after all), the dynamic load balancing nature of the lightweight AP protocol, and for security reasons, it is not possible to get a campus static wireless IP address. We have implemented policies on all campus SSIDs to disallow static IP addresses. You may […]
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