Multicast Addressing for Departmental Applications
Description: Summary If you are using a multicast-based application for desktop disk “imaging” or “ghosting”, please configure your system to use a multicast address in the range of – Detailed Explanation As we watch the flow of network traffic across the campus, one thing we notice is the increasing number of operating system functions […]
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How fast is the wireless network?
Description: How fast is the wireless network? The speed of a wireless network depends on several factors. First, wireless local area networks (WLANs) feature differing levels of performance depending on which Wi-Fi standard they support. 802.11b WLANs offer maximum theoretical bandwidth of 11 Mbps. 802.11a and 802.11g WLANs offer theoretical bandwidth up to 54 Mbps. (In […]
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How do I get networking or IT support if I live in Granville Towers?
Description: Granville Towers has a direct connection to the UNC-CH network, but they manage their own networking equipment. UNC does not provide on-site support for Granville Towers, because it is a private institution. However, residents can receive IT support remotely via web, chat, or phone from the ITS Service Desk. They can also bring their computers […]
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Best Practices for Configuring Wireless Routers at Home
Description: Introduction With the start of the academic year, a lot of folks are moving in to new houses or apartments off-campus and setting up their own home Wi-Fi wireless routers. With the increased numbers of these wireless routers and the increased coverage ranges associated with newer Wi-Fi equipment, it’s important to review a number of […]
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Do Wi-Fi networks represent a serious health risk?
Description: Do Wi-Fi networks represent a serious health risk? No, unless you’re online playing World of Warcraft 24 hours a day. To date, no health risks have been found or verified in association with these specific radio frequency fields. Certified manufacturers of Wi-Fi equipment ensure that their products operate under international guidelines found in radio frequency […]
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What tools do I need to manage Active Directory?
Description: To obtain the tools necessary to administer your organizational unit (OU), download and install the following tools: Either: Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 7 or: Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 and: Group Policy Management Console
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If I am living off campus, how do I get access to the campus network?
Description: In order to access the UNC-CH campus network, you must first connect to the Internet. You can connect to the Internet by using an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once you are connected to the Internet, you should be able to access campus network resources just as you would from on-campus. Please note that in order […]
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What net mask is used for subnets 152.2.0 thru 152.2.3?
Description: What net mask is used for subnets 152.2.0 thru 152.2.3? When configuring any system in the ITS machine room with a 152.2.0.x, 152.2.1.x, 152.2.2.x or 152.2.3.x IP address, please make sure you use a netmask of (would display as 0xfffffc00 in an ifconfig -a statement) and a default router of If you don’t […]
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Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started
Description: Introduction Wired and/or  Wireless (Wi-Fi) networking should be available in all the on-campus residence halls, offices and classrooms. All CCI laptops come with a Wi-Fi built into the computer and some have a wired connection (built into the computer or by using an external adapter). Setup A Connection Instructions for getting connected will depend on the type of […]
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Registering a Non-UNC Domain Name
Description: In order to register a domain name (.com or .org or .net) on a system using the UNC-Chapel Hill DNS services,
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