Blocked Ports (Onyen Restricted)
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Campus Network Connectivity and Speeds
Description: The UNC-Chapel Hill data network currently supports over 40,000 users with approximately 100,000 connected devices seen on a daily basis in over 300 buildings with a minimum of gigabit interconnectivity between buildings. The core routing architecture consists of a redundant infrastructure with 40 Gbps interswitch connectivity and multiple 10 Gbps links to redundant border routers. From […]
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What should I use for IP net mask and default gateway configuration (sorted by subnet)? (Onyen Restricted)
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Adding a System to Cujo
Description: Background The ITS Operations Center, part of User Support and Engagement, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the central computer and networking hardware facilities. By monitoring these systems and devices the ITS Operations Center is able to ensure that all equipment is fully functional and responsive to user needs. Cujo One of the essential […]
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Where are the wireless network access points located on campus?
Description: As a result of the “Pervasive Wi-Fi Project” that began in March of 2014 and was essentially completed in July of 2017, there should now be Wi-Fi coverage in all spaces within on-campus University buildings. If you find yourself in a campus building that has areas with no Wi-Fi coverage, please contact your school or […]
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Connecting to the UNC Network – Misc. Device Registration and Configuration
Description: Getting connected to the UNC-Chapel Hill network involves three actions: Obtaining your device’s network hardware/MAC address Registering your network card(s) Configuring your device for the network via Wireless (Wi-Fi) or Wired. Because of the large number of devices across vendors, not every configuration utility behaves the same way. For support and specific instructions with your […]
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Can I have additional Ethernet networking ports added in my residence hall room?
Description: Customers may purchase an “unmanaged switch” or “hub” which is basically a splitter that allows multiple devices to be connected to one Ethernet port. We recommend the Netgear Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switches. Their 4-port switch costs around $35. If you need help selecting a switch, please contact ResNET. Warning: Customers are prohibited from using a […]
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Registering Campus IP Addresses
Description: Although IP subnets are assigned by ITS, individual IP addresses for departmental network devices are assigned within that department by the department’s system administrator. A listing of IP subnet administrators can be found here. Moreover, assigned addresses and corresponding hostnames MUST be appropriately registered with ITS or with an appropriately configured departmental DNS (domain name […]
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