eduroam Secure Guest Sponsorship Portal
Description: Prerequisites: INSTRUCTIONS FOR INDIVIDUAL USER ACCOUNT CREATION: The sponsor must click the ‘Sponsor Access for Account Creation’ link on the page. The sponsor must authenticate via SSO. It will bring them to the base account creation page that will look like this: In the lower section, the sponsor will see a ‘Create’ button. This […]
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WiFi Tips
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Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network
Description: Please click the buttons below to expand and see the configuration instructions:
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How do I disable IPv6 on Mac OS X?
Description: The University has noticed that some Apple computers have experienced issues connecting reliably to the UNC wireless network.  Turning off the IPv6 protocol may reduce the occurrence of these issues.  To do so please follow the instructions based on your version of Mac OS X.  
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Is there a way to turn off wireless access in a classroom?
Description: It’s not possible — access point deployment is such that one AP could serve multiple classrooms and offices; furthermore, the nature of LWAPP/CAPWAP technology is such that all APs are aware of the entire system of APs within their coverage area. If one AP is turned off or dies, all the other APs in the […]
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Wireless and Wi-Fi Coverage and FAQs
Description: Overview For information on how to configure your computer to connect to the wireless Internet at UNC, please visit our Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started document. Wi-Fi is a specific type of wireless technology based on specifications standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards committee (the 802.11 group). […]
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