Office 365 User Guide
Description: Have you signed up for 2-Step for Office 365 (Heelmail)? Visit the 2-Step site for information about how to sign up early for 2-Step Verification.  2-Step keeps both you and the University safer by adding an extra layer of security to the sign-in process. Don’t see your question answered here? Please visit the Office 365 program website. […]
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Office 365 – Managing Spam in Junk E-mail Folder and Block/Allow Senders Lists
Description: The University has migrated to Office 365, along with this upgrade all Spam filtering is done by Microsoft. The new spam scanning service does not have a web accessible interface that will allow the user to control spam. Microsoft uses a sender base reputation and scores the domains. Based on these scores the domains are […]
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Office 365 – How to Configure a Shared Mailbox as an Outlook Profile?
Description: This document is written to assist with configuring Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 to access a shared mailbox as an Outlook profile on Windows or Mac. This can be useful for a user to access the mailbox to setup specific permissions for other users or when there is a staff member who needs to access […]
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Office 365 – How to update the Global Address Book in Outlook
Description: When changes occur within the main Global Address Book (GAL) on the Office 365, computers running Outlook 2010 and 2013/2016 may not automatically receive the updates. If this is happening, then you may notice missing, non-existent and/or incorrect entries. Synchronizing your Outlook (cached) address book with the Global Address book may fix these discrepancies. Instances […]
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Office 365 – How can I request an SPF Record?
Description: This document explains how you can send mail from a vendor-hosted application or system using a custom domain without triggering Office 365’s anti-spoofing system. Decide on the domain name from which you want to send. For example, the domain name for is “”. If there is no domain with the name you have […]
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Office 365 – How to Access a Shared Mailbox
Description: How to Access Shared Mailboxes with:    
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Office 365 – Email Setup (Outlook, Apple Mail, Mail App, Email App, and Outlook App)
Description: Overview and Configuration Settings UNC-Chapel Hill is migrating Exchange accounts to Office 365. Your email settings can be configured on either a desktop client (Windows, Mac OS X) or a mobile device (iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android). This document is written to take you through a new Office 365 email configuration. Please see the tabs below for the […]
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Office 2016 for Mac Install Guide (Onyen Restricted)
Description: -
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How to export your email to a pst or local folder in Microsoft Outlook?
Description: Creating a PST or local folder in Microsoft Outlook Once your Office 365 account is configured in Outlook.  This document is written to take a person through the steps of creating a pst file (Win) or moving email to a local folder (Mac). Note:  The following process can lead to removing the email from your […]
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Data Backup Options
Description: Introduction The best way to ensure that you don’t lose important documents is to always back up your data in multiple locations. The more vigilant you are in your backup habits, the less likely you will face frustrating, and sometimes unsuccessful, recovery efforts. Class papers, notes, research, theses, dissertations, address books, and bookmarks are all […]
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