Mobile Print for CCI Printing
Description: Mobile Print is a new feature of CCI Printing which allows students to submit print jobs of common file types from their mobile devices (laptop, phone and tablet) to any of the 60 CCI Printing stations across campus, including the 4 color printer.
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WiFi Tips
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Tech on Demand
Description: This PDF linked describes IT resources at UNC-Chapel Hill that are free for students to use.  This information was originally composed by Student Government as a service for students by students.
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How can I print a message in UNC Webmail?
Description: How can I print a message in UNC Webmail? Select the message you wish to print. Click on the Printer icon, labled Print this message, above the displayed messages. A new window will appear with a printable copy of the message and your operating system’s print dialog. If you have questions or encounter problems, please […]
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CCI Printing Station Locations
Description: Following is a list of buildings where CCI printing stations can be found. Some building have more than 1 printer. There are four color printers: Davis Library, the Health Sciences Library, the R.B. House Undergraduate Library and the Sloane Art Library (102 Hanes Art Center). Map of CCI Printing Locations Buildings on Campus Alumni Hall […]
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Adding OASIS Network Printers on Non-Domain PCs
Description: Introduction The Office of Arts and Sciences Information Services (OASIS) maintains a print server for the benefit of the faculty, staff and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is commonly referred to as \\asnt3 because that is where it is located. This document provides instructions on how to add a network […]
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My printer won’t print. What should I do?
Description: My printer won’t print. What should I do? The first step if your printer isn’t working is to check the basics. Make sure that it’s getting power and is turned on, that it has paper, and that you have ink in the cartridges. If the problem persists after doing those things, then the best next […]
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CCI Printing FAQs
Description: Overview Using CCI Printing One Card and Printing Balance Known Issues
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Installing CCI Printing on your Laptop
Description: Introduction This document walks you through the process of installing the CCI_Printing client to enable printing from your machine to any of the CCI printing stations located on campus. (Note: The residence hall locations are restricted to the residents of those buildings.)  Mobile print is also available for sending print jobs from your mobile devices […]
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CCI Printing: Printing from a Mac
Description: Introduction The CCI Printing service enables users to send print jobs to ITS and resident-hall computing labs from their personal computer. This document instructs Mac users on how to install and configure this remote printing service. (Note: Students cannot queue documents to residence halls other than their own.) To find your Mac operating system (OS), […]
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