Dogwood SLURM Examples
Description: This guide will provide you with enough basic information to run straight-forward jobs on Dogwood. Please use the table of contents to access more detailed information, or email with questions. Table of Contents Method 1: The Submission Script Method 2: Inline Submission Example: Submitting mvapich2_2.3rc1 without mpirun Interactive Debugging Example Other SLURM Information These […]
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Longleaf Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Description: How do I get an account on Longleaf (or Dogwood)? What are the details of the new filesystem location(s)? Why aren’t `/netscr` nor `/lustre` present on Longleaf? What is the queue structure on Longleaf? How do I transfer data between Research Computing clusters? How do I transfer data onto a Research Computing cluster?   1. […]
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Globus Connect file transfer
Description: Globus and GridFTP Globus augments in secure copy (scp/sftp) requests by automating reliable large data transfers, by resuming failed transfers, encrypts transfers and by simplifying the implementation of high-performance transfers between computing centers. The UNC Globus Connnect Collection is called “UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” (also called uncch#unc-rc-dm Collection). Accessible filesystems include but not limited to: […]
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Getting Started with Globus Connect
Description: Below are the individual steps with example screenshots regarding the setup of your Globus login account, accessing our UNC Globus Collection named “UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” (or uncch#unc-rc-dm).   There is an optional installation and configuration of your personal Globus Connect client. Globus addresses deficiencies in secure copy requests by automating large data transfers, by resuming […]
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Installing SAS 9.4 on Windows
Description: This document provides instructions for installing the Windows version of SAS 9.4 on 7/8/10. This installation may take an hour or more. This document is written based on installing SAS 9.4 on Windows 7 64-bit version. In this installation only the SAS Foundation was chosen to be installed.  If you choose to install the additional […]
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Installing ArcGIS 10.x Desktop on Windows (Onyen Restricted)
Description: -
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Research Computing’s Non-Sensitive Research Data FTP Site for non-onyen Collaborators
Description: This document describes Research Computing's non-sensitive data ftp site.
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Snapshots as a Backup for Research Computing NAS Filesystems
Description: This document provides a basic overview of snapshots, which is the mechanism in place for backing up files and directories in the NAS filesystems.
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Matlab – Common FAQs
Description: Table of Contents How do I install Matlab? How do I install Matlab to make Matlab check out licenses from the UNC license servers? If I have an existing installation of Matlab and receive a new PLP code, how do I apply this new code? Will Matlab run on Mac OS? Why do I receive […]
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Invoking Sander on a Research Server
Description: Setting up the Environment and Invoking Sander on a Research Server Before accessing Sander on KillDevil, the following steps should be done. If you have already setup for Sander with the “module” command (step 2), skip steps 2 & 3. If you are not sure, use step 3 to confirm after login. 1. Open a […]
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