LSF – Types of Clusters
Description: Table of Contents Overview Additional help Overview An LSF cluster can contain both servers and clients. Servers are execution hosts. They run the jobs that you submit to queues. Client hosts do not run jobs themselves but allow you to submit jobs to the servers. At Research Computing, we have two clusters KillDevil You can […]
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Research Computing Application – SecureCRT
Description: Overview SecureCRT is a Windows software package that provides secure remote access with a terminal interface to UNIX and Linux servers from Windows PC’s. SecureCRT, made by Van Dyke Technologies, includes support for the SSH protocol. SecureCRT is available to students, faculty, and staff in accordance with the Non-Commercial license agreement found on the UNC […]
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Setting User Preferences in the VCL
Description: Setting Email Preferences The VCL can send email notifications for events such as when reservation requests are ready, when they are about to expire, or when a reservation fails for some reason. You can elect to receive these emails or not receive them if you wish. Click User Preferences Click General Preferences Select the radio […]
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LSF – Types of Queues
Description: Table of Contents Overview Getting more information about the queues Additional help Overview The LSF queues implement our job scheduling and control policies. Different clusters have different queues associated with them. On clusters which have “patrons” type queues (see the following paragraph) there will be a queue named “idle” which all users may access. There […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Mathematica – Installation – Windows network licenses
Description: Using the license servers of UNC If you plan to install Mathematica on an Microsoft Windows Server on the UNC-CH campus, we strongly recommend that you use the license servers of Research Computing,, to get licenses to run Mathematica. As long as your server is connected to the UNC-CH network, you can use this […]
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SAS FAQ – How do you apply your SAS license file to renew your current 9.2/9.3/9.4 installation?
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Instructions Additional Help Introduction Starting with SAS 9.2, 9.3 or 9.4, SAS uses a file called SAS Installation Data (SID) to guide through the process of renewing. This page shows how to renew SAS based on a sid.txt file. To renew your SAS licenses, just follow the steps below. Note: You […]
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Gaussian: Tutorial on Converting Brookhaven Protein Data Bank (PDB) Files to Gaussian Input Files
Description: If a molecular structure is described in Brookhaven Protein Data Bank (PDB) file format, it can be converted to Gaussian input file using the NewZmat command. For example, one can obtain a PDB file for water ( water.pdb) which has the following listing: HEADER REMARK WATER MOLECULE H2O HETATM 1 H UNK 0001 0.000 0.780 […]
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Help Procedures for the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)
Description: Overview Basic Information About Images Making a Reservation Create a New Image Grant Access to an Image Update an Image User Preferences Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Get Help From Research Computing Overview What is the VCL? VCL provides users remote access to hardware and software that they would otherwise have to install themselves, or visit […]
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Where can I find NWChem software?
Description: Where can I find NWChem software? NWChem is a comprehensive mass-parallel computational chemistry package available on both the KillDevil cluster. More about NWChem Research Computing home page    
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Research Computing: Applications
Description: The following four categories of application packages are available for use on the Research Computing servers. For some software packages, you can install a local copy of the software by checking out a license from the license server when invoking the software. UNC Software Acquisitions Office is your best resource for information about how each […]
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