Research Computing: Getting Started
Description: Overview ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core Linux cluster (KillDevil); a 6,496 cores Linux cluster (Longleaf). If you are new to Linux, this document will be helpful when starting out on any of the above research computing servers Linux: Getting Started. […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Matlab
Description: Table of Contents Overview Installation Setting up the environment and invoking from a Research Computing server Submitting Matlab jobs on a Research Computing server Tutorials FAQs Useful links References Additional help Overview Matlab is a high performance language for technical computing. Computation, visualization, and programming are integrated in an easy-to-use environment. Matlab can be used […]
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KillDevil FAQ
Description: Table of Contents FAQ: I get Permission Denied errors when I try to run a job on KillDevil FAQ: Are there disk quotas in place I need to be aware of? FAQ: How do I check the amount of space I am using in my various work spaces and my home directory? FAQ: I am […]
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Scientific Application – Sybyl
Description: Overview Note: You must be a “tcsh” or “csh” user to benefit from the full functionality of this package. Sybyl provides the front end for comprehensive tools for molecular modeling such as structure building, optimization, visualization of structures and associated data. Additional modules of Sybyl can be added to basis Sybyl to enhance its capability. […]
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LSF – Submitting Jobs
Description: Table of Contents Overview Submitting Jobs More bsub options Submitting jobs using wrapper scripts Submitting parallel jobs Additional help Overview This document covers how to submit jobs to Research Computing servers using the LSF command “bsub”. Note: Jobs running outside the LSF queues will be killed. The logon privileges of users who repeatedly run jobs […]
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Description: Table of Contents What is fairshare scheduling? How do I tell LSF to put my job output in a file instead of sending it to me by email? How can I use the LSF job output to check the amount of memory my job is using? Is there a way to determine roughly how much […]
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Installing SAS 9.2 on Windows XP, Vista and 7 (Onyen Restricted)
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SAS FAQ – How do I obtain a SAS SID/Setinit?
Description: Introduction This document is intended for SAS users, and provides instructions for obtaining a SAS SID/Setinit. For more general information about SAS, please refer to the SAS: Introduction to SAS Programming document. Instructions 1. Please go to the following web link: 2. You will be prompted to enter your ONYEN and Password to access […]
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Creating a Linux Image in the VCL
Description: Create a Linux Image 1. Select “Manage Images“. If you don’t see this option please email and this feature will be enabled in your VCL account. NOTE: If you have not created any images before, you will see the message “You don’t have access to manage any images“. In this case, select “Reservations“, click […]
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Installation Instructions for JMP Genomics for SAS 9.2 (Onyen Restricted)
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