How to request an ArcGIS 10.x Authorization File (Onyen Restricted)
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Mathematica – Installation – Linux network licenses
Description: Using the license servers of UNC If you plan to install Mathematica on a workstation or Linux server on the UNC-CH campus, we strongly recommend that you use the license server of Research Computing to get licenses to run Mathematica. As long as your Linux server is on the UNC-CH network, you can use this […]
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Creating a Windows Image in the VCL
Description: Create a Windows Image 1. Go to the VCL home page 2. Select “Manage Images” from the left navigation bar. If you don’t see this option please email and this feature will be enabled in your VCL account. NOTE: If you have not created any images before, you will see the message “You don’t […]
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Installing Mathematica 8 (Onyen Restricted)
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Scientific Application – Schrodinger
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up Environment and Invoking from a Research Computing Server Installing Locally on a Windows Machine Notes Links Additional Help Overview Schrodinger is a suite of molecular modeling packages that take advantage of the latest technological advances in computational chemistry. Jaguar, the high-performance ab-initio quantum mechanics application, and MacroModel, the most […]
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Why do I get a dollar sign ($) instead of menu options when I log on to ISIS?
Description: The dollar sign ($) is the UNIX prompt that appears when your login menu has been disabled. There are two ways to correct this problem: 1. Type menu and press Enter. Choose option 5. 2. At the command prompt ($) type ~help/bin/makemenu and press Enter. Choose option 1 and press Enter. Close the window and […]
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Statistical Computing – Updating your JMP license
Description: Introduction This document is intended for users of the SAS software JMP , and provides instructions for updating the license in JMP versions 12.x and 13.x. Updating the license in JMP 12.x and 13.x 1. If your JMP 12/13 license is expired, then starting JMP 12/13 will produce a JMP: Provide Your JMP License window […]
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Performance and Debugging Tool – Totalview
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up the Environment Compiling code Submitting job Running job Useful links Additional help Overview These instructions will help users invoke Totalview to debug codes on a Research Computing server in just a couple of steps. Please note that Totalview is a commercial product. There are only 64 licenses available on […]
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UNIX: Scripting
Description: Table of Contents What is Scripting? Interpreters Basic Script Creation C Shell Constructs Basic Output Variables Program Control Making Your Scripts Interactive – Input and Arguments Selecting from a List of Possibilities – switch…case Making Your Code Readable – Adding Remarks What is Scripting? UNIX is popular for a variety of reasons. One of these […]
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Disk Quotas for Research Computing Home Directories
Description: Table of Contents What is a disk quota? What is the difference between a soft and hard disk quota? What is the default quota set for home directories in Research Computing? How do I know if I am over my limit? How do I know what value is set for my quota limits? What do […]
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