How to Apply Qualys Scan Prep Group Policy for Windows Systems in (Onyen Restricted)
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Setup Procedures for Authorized Qualys Scans of Windows Systems with a Local Account (Not a domain account) (Onyen Restricted)
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ClamX Antivirus
Description: The University’s ITS Security has released the new Antivirus Software for Mac OS X users. The software is called ClamX Antivirus. The software is an open source application that will scan your system similar to Symantec Antivirus used by the University. A version of the ClamX Antivirus can be downloaded from Clamxav site. Installation Instructions Please view the installation instructions […]
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Network Security FAQ
Description: Introduction The following is a list of frequently-asked questions about Network Security. Please feel free to write to with further questions or problems. Questions & Answers What is a Hardware Address (a.k.a. MAC Address or Physical Address)? Every Ethernet Network card that has ever been made is supposed to have a unique Hardware Address. […]
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Is the University network protected from hackers?
Description: Is the University network protected from hackers? The University has several measures in place to protect our network from hackers. These measures include a site license for anti-virus software, the use of intrusion detection systems, and the use of firewalls for portions of the network. It is important to remember that once you connect a […]
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Description: What is a Firewall? Depending on your operating system, software and hardware vulnerabilities may allow someone on the Internet to connect to your computer and damage your system or compromise your data. If you have any sensitive information on your computer, or if the long-term stability of your system is important to you, then you […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Copyright Information and Policies
Description: Introduction This document provides links to various policies and resources related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act at UNC Chapel Hill. Policies University Procedure on Dealing with Possible Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights UNC Official Copyright Policy Patent and Copyright Policies and Procedures (UNC System) Resources We’ve created a Copyright Basics explaining the basics of […]
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Procedure for Regaining Network Access after a Copyright or other Acceptable Use Policy Violation
Description: In order to regain network access, you must do the following: If you received a copyright violation: always remove the infringing content. If you received a copyright violation you will need to self-enroll in the “Acceptable Use Policy training” in Sakai. Instructions should have been emailed to you. Please log into Sakai ( with your […]
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Understanding Firewalls
Description: Understanding Firewalls You can restrict access from the Internet to your computer and the information on it with a firewall. What do firewalls do? Firewalls provide protection against outside attackers by shielding your computer or network from malicious or unnecessary Internet traffic. Firewalls can be configured to block data from certain locations while allowing the […]
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Best Practices for Instant Messaging
Description: Do not click on links to files stored on a website Links sent by friends Do not assume that because a friend sent you a link to a website or file, the link is harmless. The link could point to malicious content. Your friend’s computer may be compromised and a malicious program could be using […]
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