Information Security Policy Guide
Description:   A Guide to Assist in Locating the Policies and Standards that Apply to You The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill maintains an expansive network of Information Technology (IT) services and systems. From Sakai, email and wireless access to more specialized types of technology such as Qualys, Research Clusters and PeopleSoft, these services […]
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Best Practices for Email Attachments
Description: About Email Attachments A popular use of email is to distribute computer files (e.g., text files, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.). This is accomplished by “attaching” a file to an email message and then sending the file with the message to a recipient. Virtually any kind of computer file can be attached to an email message […]
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Uninstalling the VPN Client in Mac OS X
Description: Uninstalling the VPN Client for Mac OS X You must have administrator privileges to uninstall the VPN Client. If you do not have administrator privileges, you must have someone with administrator privileges uninstall the product for you. The VPN Client uninstall script uninstalls any previous command-line or GUI versions of the VPN Client from your […]
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Dangers of file sharing programs
Description: Table of Contents Some common misconceptions about BitTorrent Useful information about filesharing and what can precipitate a copyright violation Helpful Links Some common misconceptions about BitTorrent I used encryption, so my activities will be undetectable to outside sources.Encrypting BitTorrent files will not protect you from detection by copyright holders and their representatives. While encryption may […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Network Acceptable Use Policy
Description: This document will automatically redirect to the ITS Policy site. You will be redirected in seconds
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How to Secure a RedHat Linux System
Description: Getting Started Once you have installed Linux and logged in successfully for the first time you will want to immediately register your system with RedHat so that you can get free software updates. This is essential to maintaining a secure and stable system. You should check for updates often to make sure that you are up-to-date […]
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Password Change Checklist (List of Onyen-Authenticated Services)
Description: Changing your Onyen password does not automatically change the password for all the other services you may access from your computer. You may have used the same password for other services, such as logging onto your computer, logging into your departmental server, the campus calendar system, or even or eBay. You need to decide […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Wireless Spectrum Management Policy
Description: Data Network Policy Data Network Standard Wireless Standard On May 2, 2017 new Policy and Standards superseded this Policy.  This page was updated to direct to the new documents.
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What subnet ranges are used with campus VPN? (Onyen Restricted)
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Systems Administration Initiative (SAI) Overview
Description: What is the Systems Administration Initiative? The focus of the Systems Administration Initiative (SAI) is on UNC-Chapel Hill servers. For the purposes of this initiative, a server is a computer that provides computing services to more than one user simultaneously over a network connection. At a high level, the approach will be comprised of the […]
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