Securing Windows 2000
Description: Introduction By default, Windows 2000 installations contain numerous potential security problems. Many unneeded services are installed and enabled, and there is no active local security policy. This document attempts to provide a solid foundation for the beginning administrator. Remember to test these tactics on a non-production server, particularly when applying a new service pack or […]
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Basic Security FAQs
Description: Why do I need to think about security? By most standards, our campus sees very little crime, and so we don’t often think of UNC-Chapel Hill as a terribly “unsafe” place. Yet crime happens here once every second, every day out of the year. We never read about computer crimes in the police roundup of […]
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Best Practices for Workstation Protection
Description: Why worry about desktop security? Today’s desktop workstations must be configured and used in a secure manner for two reasons. First, it is likely that some information housed on your workstation is of a sensitive, confidential, or proprietary nature. Therefore, only authorized individuals should have access to it. Liability may be incurred if information is […]
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My system was hacked. Can you help me?
Description: My system was hacked. Can you help me? If you think your system has been hacked, you should contact the ITS Security Department by calling 962-HELP or emailing them at When you let them know about the incident, they can put your system in ‘protective custody’ and advise you on appropriate steps to repair […]
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Patching Progress in the Enterprise and How to Expedite It
Description: Patching Progress in the Enterprise and How to Expedite It Patching Progress in the Enterprise and How to Expedite It By: Bill Niester, Director – Public Sector Markets UNC Information Security Update Chapel Hill, NC June 10, 2010 Introduction Introduction Patch Management Patch Progress Data Common Steps Case Studies Lessons Learned Summary References Q&A 2 […]
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Mass Email Requirements
Description: An electronic mass email request system ( is available to support requesting, approving and scheduling official mass emails. The Mass Email System does not replace individual, school, or departmental address lists or mailing lists. These other methods are more appropriate for most announcements. The Mass Email System should only be used when a more limited […]
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Threat Landscape: Modern Cybercrime
Description: Threat Landscape: Modern Cybercrime Threat Landscape: Modern Cybercrime Rohit Dhamankar Security Evangelist Google and Get Infected! Google and Get Infected! Press Releasese User searches for Semiconductor Devices made in Israel 2 Google and Get Infected! Google and Get Infected! User Clicks Company Site..e 3 Google and Get Infected! Google and Get Infected! In the Background: […]
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Securing IIS 5.0
Description: Securing IIS 5.0 Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) default install contains several known holes and exploits that can cause significant or even total data loss or compromise. Fortunately there are some basic steps you can take to lock down your server to prevent such attacks from occuring. The ITS Security office monitors potentially dangerous traffic […]
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Your computer has been compromised …
Description: Commonly seen problems when a Windows workstation has been compromised When an intruder has gained unauthorized access to a computer workstation running Windows software, or when the security of the workstation has otherwise been compromised, it is often the case that the root cause of the compromise can be traced to a few commonly seen […]
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UNC Computing Policy
Description: This document will automatically redirect to the ITS Policy site. You will be redirected in seconds
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