Blocked Ports (Onyen Restricted)
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How do I remove P2P file sharing software from my computer?
Description: After reading our document What You Need to Know about File Sharing, you may be interested in removing file-sharing or P2P (peer-to-peer) software from your computer. Many users configure their P2P software for downloading files, but they disable the feature to allow their files to be uploaded to the public. It has been shown that […]
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Electronic Media Disposal FAQ
Description: What is electronic media? Electronic Media is defined as any storage that is used to record information, including, but not limited to hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, video tapes, audio tapes, and removable storage such as USB flash drives. How should I prepare media for disposal? In order to protect all University information, and […]
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Securing sensitive information
Description: Definition of Personal Data G.S. 14 113.20(b) defines personal data as a person’s first name or first initial and last name in combination with identifying information. Personal information does not include information in publicly available directories which an individual has voluntarily consented to have publicly disseminated or listed. Please note that UNC-Chapel Hill permits students […]
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