What is Sensitive Information?
Description: Sensitive information is defined as information that is protected against unwarranted disclosure. Access to sensitive information should be safeguarded. Protection of sensitive information may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. Sensitive Information includes all data, in its original and duplicate form, which contains: Personal […]
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Why does the Symantec Anti-Virus LiveUpdate fail or hang on my Mac OSX system?
Description: Effective August 1, 2013, the UNC-Chapel Hill for any antivirus software licensed by Symantec will expire. Symantec will be replaced with antivirus software by Microsoft.  Please visit Migration from Symantec to Microsoft and What is the University’s recommended Antivirus software? for more information. Why does the Symantec Anti-Virus LiveUpdate fail or hang on my Mac OSX […]
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Protecting Your Sensitive Information
Description: The encryption solutions mentioned in this article deal exclusively with files and folders, not disks. For more information on whole disk encryption please contact ITS Information Security. File/folder encryption solutions handle copies of encrypted files differently. There are cases where one could unintentionally decrypt files when they are e-mailed, backed up, copied to another disk, […]
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Vision: An Alternative to Fport
Description: Overview Recently, certain exploits have installed fake copies of fport onto machines that won’t allow you to see the open ports on a computer. Any attempts a user makes to install and use fport to diagnose the hack will be unsuccessful in doing so. Due to this fact, sometimes it will be necessary to use […]
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What is spyware or adware?
Description: What is spyware or adware? Spyware and Adware are programs, scripts, or cookies that users install on their machine unknowingly when they download free programs. Spyware gathers information about a user’s Internet use and other computing operations and sells that information to other vendors. Adware creates advertising pop-ups on your computer. These programs not only […]
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Securing your computer on the UNC network
Description: For perspective: You should consider that once you connect your computer to the Internet, the entire Internet (and every user on the Internet) connects to your computer. If you are using a campus network connection to the Internet, then the security of your computers should be one of your concerns. Just as the campus police […]
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Information Security Policies & Responsibilities – Deans, Directors, Department Heads
Description: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Summary of 2010 Information Security Policies and Responsibilities The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill collects and maintains large amounts of sensitive data. With that comes an obligation to protect the data. Carolina takes its responsibilities seriously. To strengthen security of the University’s systems and sensitive […]
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Disabling the Messenger Service
Description: Note: This service is used to transmit administrative messages, such as those pertaining to print jobs and system status. Disabling this service will not affect any instant messanging software or chat clients e.g. AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. Instructions 1. From the Administrative tools control panel, select “Services” and locate the “Messenger ” […]
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Login Banner Message for Use with Systems Hosting Nonpublic Services
Description: Login Banner Message Recommendations for Use with Systems Hosting Nonpublic Services Systems required by the Information Security Controls Standard to have a warning banner may use the text below (or other text specific to the system) to give notice to users.  Most University systems hosting nonpublic services, particularly those restricting access through Onyen login, ssh, […]
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Legal References for Sensitive Information
Description: Legal References for Sensitive Data The following are meant to provide a framework of legal references for use in understanding, working with, and securing sensitive information. Although no link below specifically addresses research data, be sure to recognize that some research data must also be considered sensitive information. North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act of […]
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