Sensitive Information Terms of Use Agreement
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UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Standards for Electronic Media Disposal
Description: For UNC-Chapel Hill Standards on disposal of electronic media, please see the UNC-Chapel Hill Information Security Controls Standard listed on the ITS policy page at: More information about how to go about properly disposing of electronic media is available here:
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Mass Email Requirements
Description: An electronic mass email request system (UNC Mass Mail) is available to support requesting, approving and scheduling official mass emails. The Mass Email System does not replace individual, school, or departmental address lists or mailing lists. These other methods are more appropriate for most announcements. The Mass Email System should only be used when a […]
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What is Sensitive Information?
Description: Sensitive information is defined as information that is protected against unwarranted disclosure. Access to sensitive information should be safeguarded. Protection of sensitive information may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. Sensitive Information includes all data, in its original and duplicate form, which contains: Personal […]
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Login Banner Message for Use with Systems Hosting Nonpublic Services
Description: Login Banner Message Recommendations for Use with Systems Hosting Nonpublic Services Systems required by the Information Security Controls Standard to have a warning banner may use the text below (or other text specific to the system) to give notice to users.  Most University systems hosting nonpublic services, particularly those restricting access through Onyen login, ssh, […]
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About the Onyen
Description:     This document will automatically redirect to the document ITS Onyen Policy. You will be redirected in seconds  
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University Process on Dealing with Possible Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
Description: I. Introduction The Digital Millennium Copyright Act amends federal copyright law to provide certain liability protections for online service providers, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, when their computer systems or networks carry materials that violate (infringe) copyright law. To qualify for liability protection, the University is required to have a policy […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Network Acceptable Use Policy
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UNC-Chapel Hill Wireless Spectrum Management Policy
Description: Data Network Policy Data Network Standard Wireless Standard On May 2, 2017 new Policy and Standards superseded this Policy.  This page was updated to direct to the new documents.
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Systems Administration Initiative (SAI) Overview
Description: What is the Systems Administration Initiative? The focus of the Systems Administration Initiative (SAI) is on UNC-Chapel Hill servers. For the purposes of this initiative, a server is a computer that provides computing services to more than one user simultaneously over a network connection. At a high level, the approach will be comprised of the […]
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