Package Space Applications – git
Description: Overview Git is an open source, distributed version control system. Every Git clone is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server. It is used in such large-scale development projects as perl, Linux, gnome, qt, and Ruby on Rails. The package consists of […]
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UNIX/Linux: Getting Started
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Some UNIX History How Things Work Logging In Interacting with the Shell Managing Files and Directories (Common UNIX Commands) Getting Help (The UNIX man pages) Creating and Editing Files Logging out Additional Information Introduction This document helps new or novice users of the UNIX or Linux operating systems do some common […]
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Configuring Kerberos at UNC
Description: Kerberos Client Installation and Setup Introduction The purpose of this document is to describe how to install and configure Kerberos software on AIX, Linux, and Mac OS X¬†platforms at UNC Chapel Hill. What is Kerberos? Kerberos is a secure, enterprise-level authentication system, designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography. With […]
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Configuring libnss-afs at UNC
Description:   What Is libnss-afs? libnss-afs is a shared library that translates between usernames and numeric userids and between group names and numeric groupids. It uses information stored in the AFS ptserver, avoiding the need to duplicate (and update) this information in /etc/passwd or LDAP. The library also synthesizes the name AfsPag-XXXX for the fake group […]
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