ImageUltra Boot CD – How-To
Description: Image Source: Boot CD/USB & UNC Network Image Time: 3 – 4 hours You will need an ImageUltra bootable media, specifically configured for the UNC-CH solution, which you can obtain from This process only works when the computer is connected via ethernet to the UNC Network and is regsitered for DHCP. This will not […]
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CCI Software Load – Windows 7 64bit
Description: This is a list of the software that is installed as part of the CCI Software Load. Windows 7 64bit Image: Released May 2016 Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Adobe Reader Adobe Instructional Resource Center Adobe Photoshop Elements (ThinkPad models purchased prior to 2013) Adobe Premier Elements (ThinkPad models purchased prior to 2013) Mozilla Firefox Office […]
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ImageUltra: Initial Setup of CCI Computers
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Initial Setup Directions Using a Fixed IP Address Initial Setup Without Network Connectivity Introduction Your CCI computer comes setup with a means of updating the software on your computer when it is started the first time. This is done using a product called ImageUltra. In order to ensure that you take […]
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