How do I reinstall the original software on my CCI computer?
Description: There are three ways to restore your computer to the factory install. Recovery Disc Set: You can obtain a set of recovery discs from Software Acquisitions by contacting them at about obtaining a set for your specific model. Once you have the appropriate Recovery Disc set, insert Disc 1 in the CD-Rom drive and […]
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How do I configure my non-CCI laptop for UNC?
Description: If you did not buy your laptop from UNC through the CCI program, then you will need to have it configured for use on our network and possibly download or purchase any recommended software. To register your network and/or wireless card so that it will work with our network, visit Connecting to the UNC Network […]
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How do I change the customer information such as telephone number, email address, department or building information within the Request for Service?
Description: Remedy Services receives data from the main on-line campus directory. If any of this information is incorrect please go to for instructions on how to modify the directory information.
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How do I Set Up ThinkVantage Fingerprint Security?
Description: With your CCI laptop, you now have the ability to log in with your password and/or by using the integrated fingerprint scanner using the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software. Setup Fingerprint Security STEP 1: Enroll Fingerprint(s) Go to Start > ThinkVantage > ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software > Control Center You must enroll at least one fingerprint to enable […]
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How can I print the contents of a Remedy ticket into a formatted report including all worklog entries?
Description: From within the Request for Service, open the ticket you wish to print a formatted report and click printer icon on the top of the page. A formatted report will be displayed in a separated window to print the ticket summary.
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Where can I find a list of Lenovo Service Centers?
Description: Where can I find a list of Lenovo Service Centers? To locate Lenovo Service Centers around the world, you can call 1-800-IBM-SERV or go to the Find a PC Service Provider page on the Lenovo site. Please note that you may need to disable pop-ups for this site in order to enable all functions. You […]
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Remedy AR System Crystal ODBC
Description: Remedy AR System Crystal ODBC When running the 7.1 Windows client with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 32bit, the Remedy Crystal ODBC needs to be configured to pass credentials to the AR server. This allows the integrated Crystal reports to be displayed in the built-in Remedy Crystal viewer. Such a report is the Preview […]
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Remedy Licensing
Description: Remedy License and Annual Maintenance Charge Back Program Remedy Licenses and associated Maintenance will be ordered through Software Acquisition using the same process that campus currently uses to purchase software that is site-licensed. Software Acquisition will monitor your compliance with Users and Licenses so you won’t have to do so. Purchasing Remedy Licenses and/or Maintenance […]
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How do I find help on using
Description: The two documents below describe the Help site, how to use it, and tips on searching. How do I use the Help site? About
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What version of Remedy Client am I using?
Description: What version of Remedy Client am I using? Windows Client Users: Find the top navigation bar on the Remedy client. Select Help–>About AR System User. A window will display your current client version. The latest Windows Remedy Client is version 7.6.04 SP4. You can download it and follow the instruction on here to install it. […]
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