Remedy Downtime FAQs
Description: The Remedy Team has a scheduled an extended downtime on Saturday, August 13th, from 9:00am to 5:00pm to migrate our database from ASCII7 to Unicode8 and to move Production from remedy06 to remedy05. There will be no access to Remedy through the client, Mid-Tier or Online Help Request during this time. All email-in requests will […]
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How do I rerun a Remedy search I recently performed without rewriting it?
Description: Go to Actions > Recent Searches and make a selection from the list displaying recent searches. You can also in the RFS form in an open space and select View Recent Searches.
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UNC Categorization Tool
Description: Introduction The CT-Categorization Tool link is located on the Remedy Homepage on the left hand side under the Remedy Applications list. The UNC-Categorization Tool is a form that can be used by Group Data Administrators (GDA) to manage their group’s Categorization values. The GDA has the ability to Add, Modify and Inactivate the ‘Category’, ‘Topic […]
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ImageUltra: Initial Setup of CCI Computers
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Initial Setup Directions Using a Fixed IP Address Initial Setup Without Network Connectivity Introduction Your CCI computer comes setup with a means of updating the software on your computer when it is started the first time. This is done using a product called ImageUltra. In order to ensure that you take […]
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Request for Service: UNC-Group Information Application
Description: Introduction The UNC-Group Information Application is an application that gives Group Data Administrators (GDA) access to control several pieces of their group’s internal data within the Request for Service (RFS) and the Project Tracking System (PTS) (see other document). This document explains the RFS Organization Group tabs functionality. The GI-Group Information link is located on […]
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Description: What is is an application which contains a collection of information about technology at UNC-Chapel Hill. The collection covers topics such as networking and securing computers at Carolina, the Carolina Computing Initiative, troubleshooting your computer, and tutorials of various desktop applications. If you are not faculty, staff or a student at UNC, some […]
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How do I scan and convert a document to editable text?
Description: OCR: optical character recognition. Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of extracting text from an image. It can scan paper documents and convert content to editable text. The OCR software program OmniPage Pro 14 is available to the general public at the scanner stations in the Davis Library Reference Department and to UNC students, […]
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Thinkpad T420 [4180 UN6 & 4180 UN7]
Description: Table of Contents Specifications More Information Model Type Distributed Between Manufacturer’s Warranty Recovery CD Title 4180-UN6 4180-UN7 Laptop 5/11 – 11/11 11/11 – 6/12 4 Year On-Site Warranty Image on Hidden partion of hard drive Specifications Hardware Configuration Processor Intel Core i5-2520 (3M Cache, 2.5 GHz) Fixed-Disk 320 GB Serial ATA 7200 RPM Memory 4GB DDR3 […]
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What is the difference between my Primary Remedy group and other groups that I belong to?
Description: What is the difference between my Primary Remedy group and other groups that I belong to? Remedy users can belong to as many different Remedy groups as needed, with one of those groups being their Primary Remedy group. Remedy uses this Primary group to customize the look and feel of the Request for Service with […]
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What is the Livetech Desktop Streaming service?
Description: What is the Livetech Desktop Streaming service? The Livetech service is a remote desktop management tool which allows staff members at the ITS Service Desk to connect to your computer remotely and see your desktop just as if they were sitting with you at your workstation. They can also use this tool to communicate with […]
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