How should I request help in Virtual Lab?
Description:  Virtual Lab Help Documets Get Help ITS Response Center (ITRC Help Desk) is on call for help 24/7/365. Call Call 962-HELP (4357) to speak to an ITS Response Center consultant. Email Submit an Online Help Request to the ITS Response Center. Log in with your Onyen. Under “Type of help needed, select “ITS Computer Labs” […]
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What do I do if I need technical support on the Remedy web? How do I submit a Remedy ticket?
Description: What do I do if I need technical support on the web? How do I submit a Remedy ticket? You may visit online Help Desk, Click on the Help Request link and click Log In button. Enter your ONYEN and password then click New Request. Select department or services you need assistance with and […]
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How can I see all open Remedy tickets for any groups of which I am a member?
Description: From within the Remedy Request for Service (RFS), click icon on the top of the page or on tool bar. A list of all tickets from any group you are a member of that are less than resolved will be displayed.
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What are my printing options in Virtual Lab?
Description: Printing Your virtual session automatically detects the printers that you have available through virtual printer mapping and the Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD). Select your virtual application. Select Print Settings. In your list of printers, make your selection. USB-connected Printer USB printers can be plugged in and unplugged on your device without any management in […]
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Is it OK to use my USB flash drive in library computers?
Description: Is it OK to use my USB flash drive in library computers? Yes, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use their USB flash drives in computers in the Davis Library Reference Department or the Undergraduate Library, among other libraries on campus. USB flash drives are small, removable data storage devices. Alternatively, you may hear […]
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Is there a way to view the criteria of a recently run search in Remedy?
Description: Is there a way to view the criteria of a recently run search in Remedy? Remedy Web Tool: On top of the page menu, go to Searches ->Run Recent -> Select the recently search you desire. Remedy Client Tool: Go to Actions > View Recent Searches and make a selection from the list displaying recent […]
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How do I correct time-outs or slow responses from Remedy?
Description: Slow responses or time-outs are often due to network problems. Network problems are listed at the ITS Operations Center Message Center at
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Computer Repair Center Application
Description: Introduction The following is a guide to utilizing the CRC – Repair Tracking System in Remedy client tool, some of the functions are not available on the web tool. Accessing the CRC-Repair Tracking System Accessing the CRC-Repair Tracking System begins with the Hardware Check-In/Out tab. Displaying the Hardware Check-In/Out tab can be done at any […]
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Remedy 7.6.4 Windows Client and Compatibility Mode
Description: Remedy 7.6.4 client, Windows 7 64bit, and XP Compatibilty Mode Some users of the Remedy Windows client, 7.6.4, may see significant lag and freezing of the client in a Windows 7 64bit OS environment. Here are the instructions to make sure that the Remedy application is running in XP Compatibility Mode. Right click the Remedy […]
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How do I set Remedy to automatically populate certain fields with set values when I open a form?
Description: From within the Windows Remedy Client: Go to Tools > Customize Field Defaults.  When the Customize Field Defaults window appears, choose the form you want from the menu. Click OK.  When the Customize Field Defaults form appears, populate your chosen fields with the data you want to remain constant. Pop-up menus, such as Group Assigned […]
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