How do I install Virtual Lab software on my Chrome device?
Description: How Do I Install VL Software for My Chrome (OS) Device? Note: ChromeOS service for Virtual Lab is reliant on younger, less tested back-end architecture. ITS continues to develop the service to improve reliability, speed, and features. Please alert us to any problems you may experience via Thank you. Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Android
Description: Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver Applications You must be connected to the internet when installing or using the Citrix Receiver application. Tap on the Play Store icon on your device Search for Citrix Receiver. Find the Citrix Receiver app and tap Accept & Download.               You will be asked […]
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Where can I use computer-based training (CBT)?
Description: Where can I use computer-based training (CBT)? You can access CBT courses from your office, home, anywhere you’re connected to the World Wide Web. Simply point your browser to  We offer two online training options, and Microsoft IT Academy.
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How do I submit a question to SAS if our ITS SAS group cannot help me? (Onyen Restricted)
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Do’s and Don’ts for your CCI Laptop (Onyen Restricted)
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How do I change my Windows Password on my CCI laptop?
Description: Computers that are not connected to a domain: The following steps will explain how to change the password for the user currently logged into the machine. While logged in to Windows press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously and select Change Password. Type in your current password in the Old Password text box and then type in your new […]
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In Remedy, how do I access the menu in the Severity Menu field when the field is blank?
Description: In Remedy, how do I access the menu in the Severity Menu field when the field is blank? You must make a selection from the Group Assigned field before the menu in the Severity Menu field will become available.
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Thinkpad W520 [4282 UN6 & 4282 UN7]
Description: Table of Contents Specifications More Information Model Type Distributed Between Manufacturer’s Warranty Recovery CD Title 4282-UN6 4282-UN7 Laptop 5/11 – 11/11 11/11 – 6/12 4 Year On-Site Warranty Image on Hidden partion of hard drive Specifications Hardware Configuration Processor Intel Core i7-2720QM(6M Cache, 2.2 GHz)-UN6Intel Core i7-2760QM(6M Cache, 2.4 GHz)–UN7 Fixed-Disk 500 GB Serial ATA 7200 […]
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What is my computer’s domain membership?
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Instructions More Information Introduction There are many Active Directory domains across campus. Active Directory is a management tool used by IT staff to provide authentication and security policies for computers. When seeking support for computer problems it is often helpful to know your computer’s domain membership. This article focuses on how […]
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How do the Field Defaults set when I open the UNC-Request For Service form?
Description: For Client tool, you can show the defaults by selecting Edit > Set To Defaults or pressing Ctrl + u. If you want the defaults to display automatically every time you open the form, go to Tools > Options > Behaviors and select Set Fields to Default Values in the On New section. For Web […]
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